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Graham Dwyer: Killer planned celebration in home town if acquitted

Graham Dwyer in 2013
Graham Dwyer in 2013

Ralph Riegel

KILLER Graham Dwyer was so confident he would be acquitted of Elaine O'Hara's murder he had promised friends and supporters in west Cork he would travel down for a quiet 'thank you' gathering.

The revelation came as the tight-knit town of Bandon remains shocked over the murder - and the sinister revelations about the private life of a man locals always viewed as quiet, polite, studious and utterly devoted to his family.

The architect always maintained close links with Bandon, despite being based in Dublin since he started college at DIT in 1991.

Just days before his arrest by gardaí in 2013, he attended a reunion in the Munster Arms Hotel in Bandon for the local scout troop.

One acquaintance, who asked not to be named, said Dwyer repeatedly assured friends, neighbours and his own family over the past 18 months of his total innocence.

"No one believed it at the start because Graham just didn't seem like that kind of person. But then there was all the mobile phone and computer evidence in court and suddenly people didn't know what to believe," he said.

A number of friends even visited Dwyer in custody over the past 18 months.

But the calculating nature of the father-of-three was underlined by his discreet warning to friends and acquaintances of possible media scrutiny of their social media pages.

As a result, virtually all of them removed any photos or message postings to do with Dwyer as early as spring 2014.

Dwyer had also received a constant flow of letters, messages of support and even Mass cards from friends, neighbours and supporters in Bandon and west Cork since being taken into custody in October 2013.


"He had promised all his friends that, as soon as his name was cleared, he would travel down for a few pints and a quiet meal," the source said.

"It was to be sort of 'thank you' to everyone for all their support and faith.

"He was promising that he would foot the bill as his way of saying 'thanks' for all the backing."

The architect was known for his love of a few pints and a glass of fine wine, particularly among former schoolmates in Bandon.

Locals are deeply upset for his parents, Sean and Susan, who are highly respected in the Bandon community.

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