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Dwyer had a list of victims whom he planned to stab and torture


Target: Auctioneer Rowena Quinn was on the list.

Target: Auctioneer Rowena Quinn was on the list.

Young American woman Darci Day met Dwyer on line

Young American woman Darci Day met Dwyer on line


Target: Auctioneer Rowena Quinn was on the list.

Elaine O'Hara's sister, two estate agents and a homeless woman were on a list of potential victims that Graham Dwyer could torture and stab to death.

The rape, stabbing and killing of two of Ms O'Hara's neighbours, a prostitute or a random woman out walking or jogging in a remote area were also mooted in a series of disturbing texts retrieved by experts.

The harrowing plans were discussed in messages sent between Dwyer and Ms O'Hara in 2011 and 2012 after she was ordered to help him find a "victim" because she would not let him stab her any more.

"I want to stick my knife in flesh while sexually aroused and see pain. Blood turns me on and I would like to stab a girl to death sometime. Help me satisfy my stabbing fetish. Find me someone or offer your own flesh," he said in one text.

"To kill, Sir, or just stab?" she asked.

"If it's you, just stab unless you want to die. If it's a stranger, she has to die so she can't identify me," he replied.

He also considered her Asian neighbour who he met in the lift. "Maybe strangle her," he suggested.

"She has two kids," Ms O'Hara replied.

Also it was "too close to home".

"Would she make a good victim?" he had asked, just a week before Ms O'Hara died.

However, most disturbing was when it emerged that Ms O'Hara had offered her own sister, Ann Charles, as a victim as they "never got on".

Ms Charles was not in the courtroom as texts revealed Ms O'Hara had even given her sibling's age and address to Dwyer, before later insisting she was "messing" and did not mean it.

One woman on the list was just "unfortunate enough" to work opposite Dwyer's office, A&D Wejchert, on Dublin's Baggot Street.

Rowena Quinn, a "young, pretty auctioneer", was earmarked after he found she was selling a property in Cabinteely.

"I think it will be OK," he replied to Ms O'Hara's concerns about getting caught in the residential area.


"Non-traceable phone. Fake names and off we go. Hammer her while her back is turned. Cover her head. Drag her into a back room. Gag, rape her. Stab her over and over. Stomach, chest, side, tits. Turn her over and stab her back and slit her throat.

"Then go back to yours and celebrate. Knock you up."

Ms O'Hara was also ordered to find another victim by looking up remote houses on Myhome.ie being handled by female auctioneers.

"Found an empty place in Bray," he later texted, naming a Leslie as the agent.

The more Ms O'Hara rejected his lust for real knife play, the greater Dwyer's need and desire for female flesh got.

He suggested they target a "randomer" - a homeless woman or a hiker/jogger on a remote path - "hit her over the head and drag her in to the woods", where he would undress so he would not get blood on his clothes.

"No one was ever caught for Raonaid Murray or the homeless woman in the Phoenix Park," he texted.

He could stab a rich woman to death in a car park and make it look like a robbery, he said.

"I am thinking of visiting a prostitute to see how easy it might be to kill her. What do you think?" he also texted.

A young American woman he met online - Darci Day - was also on his list of potential victims, if it hadn't have been so expensive to fly her home.

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