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Co-worker’s relief at guilty verdict


Elaine O'Hara's former colleague, Emma Robertson

Elaine O'Hara's former colleague, Emma Robertson

Elaine O'Hara's former colleague, Emma Robertson

A FORMER colleague of murder victim Elaine O’Hara has spoken of the relief felt by co-workers at the verdict in the trial.

I just hope that this provides some sort of peace for her family,” said Emma Robertson (26), who worked alongside Elaine at Ken’s Newsagents in Blackrock, Co Dublin.

“For so long we didn’t know what had happened to her. It was horrible. Now that everything has been resolved, it is such a relief.”

Ms Robertson, whose father owned the newsagents where Elaine worked part-time, gave evidence at the trial of architect Graham Dwyer.

She told the court Elaine had confided to colleagues at one point that she believed she may be pregnant. Ms Robertson, who knew Elaine for nine years, also told how she had spoken about meeting men online.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Ms Robertson said that because the trial had focussed so much on aspects of her private life, the full picture of the Elaine she knew did not emerge. “I got to know Elaine quite well. She was a lovely, lovely person.

“She was very quiet and lacking in confidence. But she was so honest and so loyal and caring.

“If you ever asked her to cover a shift for you, she would nearly go out of the way for you. She would even change her own plans to suit you. My dad left her to open and close the shop and do the takings. She was so reliable and trustworthy.”

Ms Robertson described her former colleague as “quite vulnerable” and said she was very open about her battle with depression.

“When she was not feeling right she would tell us she was checking herself into hospital for a few days to sort herself out. She was always so open about it. It was a part of her life”

Ms Robertson recalled that Elaine would “get down” if she was worried about money.

When Elaine told co-workers she had met people online, they thought she meant a dating website like Plenty of Fish. They did not know she was talking about the BDSM website alt.com.

“All that mad stuff that came out, that was mind-blowing for us. We didn’t expect that because she was lacking in confidence,” said Ms Robertson.


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