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Graham Dwyer Trial: 'You help me stab a girl and you won’t get knifed' - what accused allegedly told Elaine O'Hara





GRAHAM Dwyer allegedly sent Elaine O’Hara text messages telling her she had to help him find a “victim” when she would not let him stab her anymore, the Central Criminal Court has heard.

In texts sent to her phone, he is alleged to have told her they could go to woods for the “murder” and she could be his lookout.

The jury also heard Ms O’Hara texted a phone the prosecution says was used by Mr Dwyer allegedly telling him he could kill her sister, but saying she was “kidding.”

He was alleged to have replied that he would “love to rape and stab her,” but she told him again she did not mean it.


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer


Graham Dwyer

The jury was read out of a series of text messages sent to Ms O'Hara’s phone from a mobile number that the prosecution alleges Mr Dwyer was using.

Mr Dwyer (42), an architect of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, is pleading not guilty to the murder of Ms O’Hara (36), a childcare assistant, at Killakee, Rathfarnham on August 22, 2012.

Her remains were found by a dog walker in undergrowth in the Dublin mountains on September 13, 2013.

The prosecution maintains Mr Dwyer killed her for his own sexual gratification.


Sarah Skedd leaving court yesterday. Photo: Courtpix

Sarah Skedd leaving court yesterday. Photo: Courtpix

Sarah Skedd leaving court yesterday. Photo: Courtpix

This morning, prosecutor Sean Guerin SC continued to read out dozens of the messages between Ms O’Hara’s iPhone 086 3311207 and the number 083 1103474. This was the number of a prepaid phone purchased by a “Goroon Caisholm” which the prosecution claims was being used by Mr Dwyer.

Elaine O'Hara's iPhone is referred to as 'She' in the exchanges read by prosecutor Sean Guerin SC. The 083 phone the prosecution says was used by Mr Dwyer is referred to as 'He'

Mr Guerin was reading from a booklet with hundreds of text messages retrieved from five phones the prosecution claims are central to its case.

Crime and Policing Analyst Sarah Skedd was the prosecution’s witness and had presented the booklet to the court yesterday.

Mr Guerin said on April 11, 2011, a message from the “Goroon” phone to Ms O’Hara said: “I can and will have it all. No haven’t done any more stalking.”

She replied: “OK, you’ve got to show me one day how to do all that, it’s brill that you can, I wish I could. Would love to stalk some people just to p*** them off.”

He texted her: “Not unless you help me get my knife into some flesh soon.” She said: “If you want you can kill my sibling.”

“Sister?” he replied, to which she texted back: “Yep, how did you guess.”


Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara


Elaine O'Hara

In a subsequent text, she said: “We don’t get on, we never did, so you can have her.” Ms O’Hara said in a text that her sister was the only way she could see her niece.

He asked her age and she gave it; 33, and the address.

“She is a bitch, she talks to me when she has to, she puts her eyes up to heaven,” Ms O’Hara said.

He asked: “How would I do it? Wouldn’t a stranger be better?”, adding that gardai would be questioning her.

Ms O’Hara texted: “I know and if they check your phone…” before adding: “just kidding.”

He replied: “I would love to rape and stab her but how?”, after which she texted: “Can’t happen, I’m too close.”

He later texted her, saying: “You weren’t kidding, I will do it,” and she again texted: “Can’t happen, I’m too close.”

She went on to say if he did it, she would go to prison, which she did not want, adding: “thanks, but no thanks.”

Later, she said: “P***ed off now, Sir, was in Lucan and let me tell you, your offer went through my mind a few times there.”

He asked what happened and said: “offer always stands.”

“Just talking about my f***ed up childhood, Sir, just that,” she said, then later texted: “I’m just angry, don’t mean it.”

“If there is anything I can do, just let me know,” he texted.

The next day, April 12, she texted: “Tell me sir, why if you really wanted to you haven’t done it yet?”

He replied: “Conditions have to be perfect, clean getaway.”

She told him not to come to her place because it “stinks of smoke” and he told her to give up smoking and get her teeth whitened.

When she said she could not afford this, he replied: “You will get them whitened, I can rob the girls I stab.”

In a later text, he said: “Maybe I will do my kill during your holidays, I will take a day off work for it.”

She asked him: “Did you get the pics?”

He said: “Nice, may as well have used the knife” and she replied: “Yeah, I know, probably wouldn’t have been so obvious either.”

He texted: “Next time, nice oval stab wound.”

“Not if I have any say,” she replied.

“What if I did it just once, what would happen?” the reply said. She told him: "Probably nothing, but I would be afraid it would set my recovery back.”

“Try to understand it’s what I want,” he replied. “It’s not the same as cutting yourself.”

“I know, sir but you don’t have to live with it, I do,” Ms O’Hara texted. “If I met someone, what do I tell them?”

He texted her that her scars were “not all mine” and she could not hide them. They would be “lovely white shapes next year.”

“Next year! I want someone now,” she texted back. “I am honest about my scars, I just don’t want fresh ones.”

“OK, we will have to find me a victim to stab, that is an order,” he replied.

Of her scars, he texted: “You have to say you did them or they might report it.”

“We will go out for remote walks looking for places and strike if conditions are right,” he texted her.

She told him that he did not like being seen with her.

“Not at dusk in woods, we will be fine, I will prepare hunting bag… to bring for the murder,” he texted her.

She texted that if he did what he said, he was going to bring her out in a suitcase and nobody would see them “but sometimes then again, you are all talk.”

He said this was only if she was the victim and she replied that he said he would do it while she was alive.

“I knew you wouldn’t do it Sir, I knew you would bottle it!” she texted.

“Are you saying I couldn’t kill you if I wanted to?” he asked in another text.

She replied that she meant he would not bring her out in a suitcase.

“I know you could kill me, I am not that dumb,” she texted.

“Not if you are helping me to stab someone, you could be my lookout,” he said, then in a later text: “It’s your fault I want to kill and you won’t let me stab you.”

She texted him saying she never knew her wanting to die would lead to this.

“I know, but here we are,” he replied.

Mr Guerin continued to read the text messages throughout the morning's evidence, with the majority referring to BDSM sex and some discussing work, her college and their families.

In the series of messages the man tells Ms O’Hara “seeing her helpless” and “at his mercy” when tied up turns him on.

Several texts also discuss what he can stab her with - a scalpel, needle or small knife - and where, that won’t leave marks, like around her pubic hair.

“In reality it is not my choice,” she replies in one message on April 13, 2011.

“I will be tied up. Just so you know I will scream as I can’t take a lot of pain anymore.”

“So I can stab u in the belly?” he asks.

“Thank you, I’ll make it as painless as possible,” he quickly adds.

She later tells him he could use the thick black bladed knife but “no turning it”.

When he asked how many times (he can cut her) she replies: “Think scalpel better, one only one.

“You’re lucky you’re getting any. I’m not good in head after Monday. Only reason you’re getting it. No scar. Want to meet that man this week.”

The next night, on Thursday, April 14th, the man texts Ms O’Hara to “get naked, strip all sheets off bed” and tells her out leave out the fake knife, condom, duct tape, leather hood, key for cuffs.

“Cuff hands behind back, go,” he added.

“No condoms sir,” she replies.

“Ok,” he said.                             

In a series of texts four days later Ms O’Hara “apologises for my disgraceful behaviour” on the Thursday, says she feels guilty for ruining it, and asks why he said she can’t see others and if he wants to see her again.

“I do want to see you, you will give me what I want but I have to leave marks. You can see others as long as they don’t mind the marks,” he replies.

He later says “We will be okay as long as we can do bondage, rape, anal, oral” as well as training, using fake knife, and finding a girl to stab to death.

She suggests “good places” to do the stabbing, like the mountains and the Hellfire Club.

“What about luring someone and stabbing in your place,” he asks.

“Too risky,” she replies, warning him to be careful as gardai have satellites to trace phones at his work, home and her apartment once a phone is on.

“We can switch off before head out,” he replies, adding that CCTV is also a big problem.

On April 21st he texts about having “outdoor play” in the day in the mountains.

“It will be exciting, no killing, just see if possible, going to chain you to a tree and rape you,” he adds.

“During the day? Too many people, especially in this great weather,” she warns.

He later texts: “Trust me. I’m going to teach you how to masturbate this weekend.”

“I can’t I’ve tried and tried sir,” she replied,.

“But it’s Easter weekend,” she said.

He later quizzes Ms O’Hara about what turns her on – BDSM or murders of violence, getting tied up or treated like a slave.

“There must be something that increases your heartbeat,” he asks.

“Being told what to do, being under someone’s control. Punishment, I like the mystery,” she finally replies.

He asks if she likes punishment, pain, humiliation or being forced to do something she doesn’t like.

“Would you enjoy serving by taking pain,” he later asked.

“I don’t know sir,” she replies.

“I’m a sadist, I enjoy others' pain. You should let me inflict pain on you.”

The texts continues, with him saying: “You help me stab a girl and you won’t get knifed."

“Ok sir, please no talk of that over phone anymore,” Ms O’Hara said.

“I’m hard thinking about it, wish u were here,” he replies.

On Friday, April 22. He tests that he’s on his way.

“Be naked face down, hooded and cuffed,” he texts.

But Ms O’Hara replies that she’s not home.

On Monday April 25th, he asks when she’s free.

“I found a dead sheep yesterday. Might go back after dark and see how it feels to sink a knife in to it,” he later texts.

That evening he texts that he’ll be over later for “masturbation training”.

At 7pm he texts: “On my way, get naked, hood, cuff, condom, fake knife, be face down in darkened room.”

“I’m not putting hood on,” she replies.

“Balaclava then,” he texted.

“No you can, I’ll do everything else,” Ms O’Hara texted.

“Do as u are told,” he said.

“I’m not, I don’t like it,” she texted.

“Do you like getting stabbed better? 20 seconds to decide,” he replied.

In the next text on the night, sent at 9.20pm, she says: “Thank you sir”.

The next day she asks if she can wear her leather ankle cuffs under her trousers for the day and he tells her she must get a tattoo.

“Possibly the word slave, somewhere private I will pay for it, did u enjoy last night,” he asks.

“Yes sir, did you?” she asks.

“Yes it was good talking about your death,” he said.

Ms O’Hara tells him “I’m going to be a better slave”.

She thanks him for his patience adding: “I know it’s not easy sometimes.”

He later texts: “It will be all worth it when I kill you (wink)”

“Lol,” she replied, adding that it was a pity the cuffs were lined and “way too comfortable.”

On the morning of April 27 - he texts how he won’t know about a stabbing “for a few months”.

“As soon as we have the perfect plan,” he texts.

“Will you be able to handle all the blood?” he asks.

“I don’t know Sir,” she says, and he suggests she just helps with a plan, but he does it alone.

“Going to hit her over head with hammer so knife doesn’t hurt and she doesn’t scream,” he says about his would-be victim.

“What do you think?” he asks.

“Not bad,” Ms O’Hara replies.

He states how the woman’s heart will be thumping to give a full effect, but that he could "f**k" Ms O’Hara after “instead of leaving DNA on her,” he adds.

“Good idea,” she replies.

“I could be chained there watching and you can f**k me instead of her,” she replies.

He texts how they’d have to pass the woman on a remote path, hit over the head and drag her in to the wood, where he could undress so he won’t get blood on his clothes.

“You can make sure I’m clean before I get back,” he adds.

“Sounds good Sir,” she replied.

He later texts her that he had booked that Friday off for knife shopping and tattoo, but she was busy babysitting and working.

“Never mind, sometime over weekend,” he says.

They could meet that night as Mr Dwyer said “my mum’s visiting”.

She asked for “an overnight soon” and says she keeps thinking that when she walks in to her apartment he’ll be there.

“I might be there anytime,” he texts, asking for her schedule - with her replying with the hours and days she is in school, the shop, teaching and in college.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Tony Hunt and a jury of seven men and five women.

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