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Graham Dwyer Trial: Man alleged to be Dwyer promised Elaine a baby if she helped him kill


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

ELAINE O’Hara texted a man alleged to be Graham Dwyer, begging him: “Sir, please don’t let me die, please don’t kill me,” the Central Criminal Court heard.

In the text sent in 2011, she said: “I am scared you are going to kill me, I don’t want to die.”


Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

The jury was read out the messages which were among thousands that the prosecution maintains were exchanged between Mr Dwyer and Ms O’Hara before she went missing.

Mr Dwyer (42), an architect of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, is pleading not guilty to the murder of Ms O’Hara (36), a childcare assistant, at Killakee, Rathfarnham on August 22, 2012.

Her remains were found by a dog walker in undergrowth in the Dublin mountains on September 13, 2013.

The prosecution maintains Mr Dwyer killed her for his own sexual gratification.


Crime and Policing Analyst Sarah Skedd

Crime and Policing Analyst Sarah Skedd

Court Collins.

Crime and Policing Analyst Sarah Skedd

This morning, Prosecutor Sean Guerin SC continued to read out dozens of the messages between Ms O’Hara’s iPhone 086 3311207 and the number 083 1103474.

This was the number of a prepaid phone purchased by a “Goroon Caisholm” which the prosecution claims was being used by Mr Dwyer.

Mr Guerin was reading from transcripts of the texts for a third day as Crime and Policing Analyst Sarah Skedd gave evidence.

He referred to the users of the two phones as “he” and “she” throughout his narration of the messages.

On July 19, 2011, Mr Guerin said, "he" sent a text asking her how her study was going and she replied: “not great” and that she was under a lot of pressure and trying to get everything done at once. She felt she was not going to do well in her presentation and he said: “best of luck.”

“Thanks, Sir, need it,” she replied. “Sorry can’t give you play now.”

Later he texted her saying: “I really need to masturbate, can you text me something I can read to turn me on ASAP. Rape and stabbing.”


Raonaid Murray who was killed near her home in Glenageary, Dun Laoghaire, shortly after midnight on September 4, 1999

Raonaid Murray who was killed near her home in Glenageary, Dun Laoghaire, shortly after midnight on September 4, 1999

Raonaid Murray who was killed near her home in Glenageary, Dun Laoghaire, shortly after midnight on September 4, 1999

She texted back about “sitting alone in the library” with nobody else around. She said she packs up her things and walks out into the cold night.

She told how she walks into the park when somebody grabs her and pulls her into bushes. He grabs her by the neck and gets on top of her with a knife, she said in the text.

She continued to describe her trousers being opened with the knife and “I can’t scream” because his hand is stopping her. She said he tells her “Don’t even think about screaming” before raping her.

“He sticks me with the knife,” she texted.


Architect Graham Dwyer is accused of the murder of Elaine O’Hara  (inset), from Killiney, Co Dublin

Architect Graham Dwyer is accused of the murder of Elaine O’Hara (inset), from Killiney, Co Dublin

Architect Graham Dwyer is accused of the murder of Elaine O’Hara (inset), from Killiney, Co Dublin

Later, she texted the 083 numbr, saying: “That’s it. Hope it’s OK? Did it help?”

“Excellent thanks,” he replied.

“Welcome. Really happy that helps Sir,” she texted back. “Does that mean I get away from being punished?”

“No,” he replied, to which she responded: “Didn’t think so.”

She later texted him saying she was bored of studying and kept dreaming of chains and being whipped.

“We can arrange that for tomorrow evening,” he replied.

On July 25, she texted “Bad news, I failed my presentation,” saying she had to do it again.

On July 26, he said: “OK, do your best.”

On July 28, she told him she got 72pc and “thank God that is all until September.”

“Well done,” he said, before texting later: “Are you prepared for your punishment?”

“Not really, haven’t thought about it,” she responded.

“Maybe I will surprise you, we should do it ASAP, or your can avoid it by finding me a victim.”

“Sir, that is not going to happen soon, victims are hard to find,” she said.

“Just giving you a way out,” he replied.

He later texted that she had a “choice of punishment”; in one, “I will leave deep stab wounds” and the other involved strangulation, leaving marks on her neck.

Both involved bondage and rape, he texted.

“I don’t like any of those options,” she texted. “Why so severe?”

“You are not supposed to like them, choose or it’s both,” he replied. “It is severe in the hope that you will learn your lesson and that you hope next stabbing is someone else.”

She then told him that she could not have marks on her neck so “I suppose it has to be the other. I always hope the next stabbing is someone else.”

On July 29 he told her: “I want you to boil my silver folding knife, your black folding knife and the smallest one in the kill bag for tomorrow and make sure they are out for me when you assume the position.”

She asked if they would not get rusty if she boiled them.

“Boil them for three minutes then dry them with your blow dryer,” he replied.

“You can die from blood loss but not an infection,” he said.

“Sir, is it going to be real bad, Sir,” she texted.”I’m scared, Sir, Please don’t let me die, Please don’t kill me, please. Sir, I don’t want you to stab me any more, I can’t take it, I just can’t. I’m scared you are going to kill me, I don’t want to die.”

“You won’t die, night night,” he replied.

The next night, July 30, he texts: “assume position” and the next night asks her to send him “pictures of wounds”.

“Yes Sir,” she replies, later adding: “I’m sorry Sir, I will miss you.

“Sir, I always tried my best. I know I made you mad a lot but that wasn’t my intention.”

On August 2 she asks if he got the photos.

“Yes thanks,” he replies.

“Sorry to lose you but will take you up on offers of play and murder.

“Did you say I could kill you as long as I didn’t say it was coming?” he asks.

“I don’t think I said that Sir,” she replies.

“I will miss you Sir,” she texts, adding that if she is ever going to find anyone to give her kids she needs to be free of stabs.

“Unless you want to give me a child Sir?” she asks.

“Didn’t think so,” she texts 15 minutes later.

“I would but I won’t be around to raise or support it,” he replies.

She tells him that she really wants a kid, despite him “giving out all the time about the one in Donegal” and that the man is just a means to an end.

“I’ll give you a child if you want but they can’t ever know who I am,” he texts.

They discuss when she might get pregnant and how she’d fit a baby in with work and college.

“OK a life for a life,” he texted.

“Help me take one and I'll give you one.”

“OK, you set it up,” she replies.

The next day she checks: “Did you mean what you said yesterday Sir?"

“Yes,” he replies, adding: “It’s your reward for helping me stab a girl to death."

“We need to plan it,” he texts, mentioning a new untraceable phone and making an appointment with a female estate agent, somewhere remote, and using fake names.

‘Sir’ later texts her the detail of an empty house he found with a “pretty auctioneer” Rowena Quinn - and gave the address and her number.

“Must check an escape route for CCTV,” he adds.

“Ok Sir, can I text you later?" she asks. "My dad is here.”

The next day she warns 'Sir' that the house for sale is too close to her work and people might be around.

“I think it would be ok,” he replies, detailing how they could cover the woman’s head when her back is turned and, with gloves on, they could drag her in to a back room, gag her, rape her and stab her over and over in her stomach and throat.

"Back to yours to celebrate. Knock you up,” he adds.

“OK here’s the thing. No more talking by phone, don’t want to be caught,” she said.

“We will be fine, don’t worry. I will enjoy this,” he said.

“Technology is a killer now Sir, sorry,” she replies.

Two days later, on August 8th, he texts her about a woman in Limerick being stabbed the night before.

“Wish it was me who stabbed her,” 'Sir' adds.

“Sir I think we should stop for a while. I’m scared of getting caught. Don’t know if I can keep quiet,” she says.

“We won’t get caught,” he texts, saying he doesn’t mind if she doesn’t want to watch bit he’ll need her help.

Ms O’Hara warns that he texted her the estate agents name, number and address, adding that she pays her phone bills and would get caught and his mobile has been in her apartment.

“Good point, maybe random stabbing deep in woods when we have no phones with us,” he texts.

‘Sir’ tries to meet Ms O’Hara for sessions over the next few days, but she’s either working, kayaking or then going to Wexford for a few days.

“I’m so horny, wish you could come in to town and let me f*** you,” he texts one afternoon.

“Sir, not going to happen, busy today, sorry,” is the reply.

Three days later he texts again, telling her to start taking folic acid to start planning for pregnancy.

Later he asks if she’s not talking to him.

“Sorry bit down,” she replies, telling him she’s lonely and she’s not sure about meeting him.

“Having a baby would give you company but would finish off any chance of finding a partner,” he replies in the first of three texts.

“If you get really down I can end your suffering once and for all.

“Not many people have someone who would do that for them,” he concludes.

“I know, sorry can’t talk,” she replies.

“You will just black out, no pain,” he adds.

On August 15 Ms O’Hara tells him she’s going to her cousin and five kids for a few days as she’s “just having a bad time”.

“Are you thinking about letting me do it?” he asks.

“No not at all,” she replies.

“That’s what you want more than killing someone else - You want to kill me.”

The next day he replies: No that’s not true. I’d like to stab someone, not hang someone.”

The texts start again two days later, but she’s working.

On August 19 he tells her he’s going camping with his dad and brother in west Cork but “will start coming inside you to get you pregnant” when he’s back.

“It’s ok with you?” she asks.

“Sure, we must plan my thing too though. You must start about taking folic acid and stop smoking, plus no chance of finding man with baby, that ok?” he reminds her.

He later tells her if they are to have a baby she needs to give him commitment and service.

“Forget it then if you’re going to hold it against me,” she replies.

They discuss going hunting and she refuses to use her car.

“If I get caught, trust me, I’ve no incentive to keep quiet,” she texts, adding she’s not going to prison for him.

“Are you threatening to turn me in after I do it?” he asks.

She said she can’t keep quiet if it’s her car and he agrees to use his.

By August 22, Ms O’Hara tells him she’s changed her mind about the baby as she’s not good and it’s wouldn’t be fair.

“I think it would be better in a relationship,” she later says adding how hard it is for her to meet a man with so many marks and stab wounds.

He loved them, he texts, adding its her body that’s the problem.

“You’d be lucky to have baby and part time master,” he adds.

“You don’t have to lead the life. You can walk away. You have everything,” she text.

“I don’t have sub,” he replies.

Ms O’Hara reveals she wants a full-time relationship, but he tells her she’s old and fat, a smoker and disobedient, and that she has bad thrush and is too needy.

“F**k off,” is her reply, adding she has enough of BDSM.

"Seriously you should stick with me, best you ever had,” he replies, saying he’ll help her change what’s wrong with her.

‘Sir’ again arranges that they meet in a car park and go hunting.

“Can I clean up at your place if I get to kill?” he asks.

“Yes,” she replies.

“Can I f*** you after I do it rather than leave DNA in a dead girl?” he asks.

“We can talk about it,” she replies. “I have to go.”

She later tells him: “I know I have promised to help you and I will, I’m just not ready for it yet. I’m too emotional and afraid I might say something.”

He’s disappointed, adding: “I can’t do it on my own.”

The texts continue with Ms O’Hara warning him about DNA from body or pubic hair, or spit.

She watched a programme once and the man put cling film on his public hair, she said.

There’s be no killing in her apartment, she insists, and he decides a quick stabbing in the woods might be simpler.

The next day she again warns him he might get caught by forensics or by an eye witness.

“No one was ever caught for Raonaid Murray or the homeless woman in the Phoenix Park,” he replies.

Raonaid Murray was killed near her home in Glenageary, Dun Laoghaire, shortly after midnight on September 4, 1999.

“True... hope for your sake you won’t,” she texts him.

“I won’t. It’ll be all over the news. Can I trust you to keep mouth shut?” he asks.

“Yes,” she replies.

Mr O’Hara ignores his text on August 31, only replying the next day when he texts again.

“Sorry mad day yesterday... getting ready for wedding and back in school. Got fake tan yesterday for first time,” she replies.

“You out?”

“Haven’t gone hunting yet. Haven’t planned it yet,” he replies.

They don’t text again till Tuesday September 6th when he tells her: “I’ve free house Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat.”

She later texted him, saying: “I’m trying to distance myself from that stuff.”

“I’m being used and I don’t want to be a piece of s*** on the side, I want to be the only one, be it vanilla or BDSM,” she texted. “If BDSM, if not the only one then the main one.”

On September 8, he texted saying he would be “here for you if it doesn’t work out.” Later that day: “Offer of baby or ending your life always there. X.”

There was a “substantial break” in the messages, which Ms Skedd said was because either there weren’t any or they were not available to be recovered either from Ms O’Hara’s iPhones or the computer backups.

One text on October 6 from her to him just said: “Hi, how are you?” and the next day, from him: “I’m good, missing tying you up.”

“Can we meet up sometime?” he asks, to the reply: “Yeah, maybe, how is plan going?”

“Terrible”, he replied. “ I have everything in the car, have tried a few dry runs but always too nervous or people coming along. Have to be really really remote to do it. Wish you were with me.”

“Looks like it might always be a fantasy,” he texted, asking her: “You still have fake knife? Would love to play after work.”

She said: “no, still looking,” to which he replied that he was “still available for part time play until you find Mr Right. No blood, I promise.”

She told him the “code downstairs” had changed and added: “I have heard that one before.”

He asked her to skip college to “get raped” and again promised: “no blood.”

“I don’t think so, college is important to me as I am doing two years in one,” she replied.

She said she did not use the new code and always used her key.

“Let me know your terms; no real knife, no anal or whatever, safe word etc,” he said. “I will be OK with rape and fake knife and will do anything you want.”

She later told him: “I have been thinking about getting chained every day to tell you the truth.”

On October 10, she told him: “I haven’t made my decision yet.”

Later, she said: “Sorry I have to say no. You are good, don’t get me wrong, but I need a bit of loving now. You can be rough even when you don’t try to be… I always end up with marks, even without the real knife.”

On October 12, he texted he was “not mad, disappointed.” She told him: “I know it will lead to cutting… you just can’t help yourself.”

“Come hunting with me,” he asked, to which she replied: “I won’t be able to keep it a secret. As long as I don’t know who or where it will be OK, I’ll help you with everything else, planning, cleaning up etc.”

On October 24, she texted: “Don’t be mad at me, I’m just not good at keeping secrets. I told my dad about BDSM for God’s sake. Who the f*** would do that? I just can’t keep secrets.”

When she told him she did not want to “play”, he texted: “What about baby? Clock is ticking.”

“That is not fair, I can’t afford a baby for f*** sake... Everything is maxed out, I don’t even eat dinner anymore, beans on toast for the last two days,” she texted, telling him she had figure out how to pay her debts and adding: “Baby is out of the question.”

“What if I pay you for play?” he asked.

“I am not a prostitute, I am a person. I have dignity,” she replied.

“Not when you are chained up, you are not. We would be helping each other out,” he texted, telling her that being “humiliated, used as a sex slave and a breeding cow” were “all a part of BDSM.”

He later texted: “I’ll keep you locked up like Fritzl.”

“You say that but you can’t because you have a family,” she texted.

“You can live in my office basement,” he said.

“Yeah sure,” she said. “If it was that easy you would have done it a long time ago.”

When she told him he could not call over because she had been smoking, he said: “Then come to my office.” She said she was studying.

On November 4, she sent him a message saying: “I need my keys back, I have to give them to the builders, can you get them for me?”

“Hi there, would love second chance long term. No marks and could develop into affection and baby long term if you give up smoking,” he texted.

“Don’t want to be the bit on the side anymore,” she replied, adding: “you really don’t listen.”

She asked again about him returning her keys.

On November 10, he texted: “Can’t find them, sorry, you will have to get some cut. Do you really have builders coming or are you worried I’ll slip in and slit your throat?”

She told him she was getting furniture fitted.

“You are lying, you want to keep them, you are too organised to lose them,” she went on to text.

When he asked if she was not too broke to get furniture, she explained that her father had consolidated all her loans and she was paying him back.

“If I find them of course you can have them back. If you are naked and chained on your bed and want me to come and f*** you, I’m sure I’ll look harder.”

“I tell you what, I’ll do that if you leave your wife,” she replied.

She admitted to him she missed “play” but said: “I don’t trust you.”

He told her she could still look for a full time master.

“I would love you forever if you helped me fulfil my dream,” he said, to which she replied: “Bulls**t.”

In a later text, he said they were “evenly matched.”

“No, we are not evenly matched, we want different things,” she said. “You want someone part time. I want full time love. Different.”

He said he had loved subs in the past and they wanted him full time.

She said she was like that at one stage but not anymore.

“I know why, you know,” she texted. “I am not good looking enough for you. You want a trophy person. All your other subs were thin and good looking. You are afraid to show people who you really are. That is why you won’t get your wife involved. Why you keep that side of you a secret. I’m the opposite, I don’t care what people think of me if I’m happy. I can’t trust you. I just can’t.”

The court heard there was little evidence of communication between the Goroon and Ms O’Hara’s iPhone until June, when ‘he’ asks Ms O’Hara if she’s finished study for the summer.

“I’m good,” she replies, telling him she has an exam in July.

“It’s only June and you’re asking me,” she added, asking him “Why don’t you go on the net”.

She later texts: “I know what I want... just leave me alone.”

“For good,” he asks.

“I told you before I don’t want to be a bit on the side, friends or not, when I get some head space I’ll do something about it,” she replies.

Ms Skeed agreed with Ms Guerin that there was no contact between these two phones, or the two phones retrieved from the reservoir, until June 22, when three texts were recovered discussing meeting up to “talk” not “play”.

The next day there were 10 messages, she said.

In the content retrieved Ms O’Hara tells him when she’ll be leaving work.

“Home now,” she sends at 6.55pm.

“Ok, two mins, will ring 97,” is the reply.

Texts continue on June 24 with them agreeing they have a lot to think about – including him “happy with fake knife” and her “needing a dom”.

On June 24 there were 16 messages and two on June 25.

The court heard that on June 26 messages resumed between the two Nokia phones found in the reservoir after five months.

There were also 24 texts between the Goroon and iPhone on that day, the court heard.

There was some sort of contact between the four phones every day up to July 6th, the jury was told.

Mr Guerin then read a dozen texts sent by Ms O’Hara’s iPhone to the ‘Goroon’ phone on July 11th questioning him several time if “Sir” took her other phone as she could not find it.

“Please sir, please don’t say you threw it away,” read one, adding these were the only numbers she had for him.

“Are you mad at me,” she texted on July 12.

The court heard there were also 25 messages on July 13 and one on July 14, the day Ms O’Hara went in to St Edmundsbury Hospital, a mental health facility in Lucan. 

The trial continues before Mr Justice Tony Hunt and a jury of seven men and five women.

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