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Graham Dwyer Trial: Accused admitted to gardai he had sexual relationship with Elaine O'Hara


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Murder accused Graham Dwyer told gardai he had a sexual relationship with Elaine O’Hara, the Central criminal Court has heard.

The architect was being interviewed by detectives on October 17 2013, when he said the pair met for BDSM sex but he wanted to protect his wife Gemma and was worried about publicity following his arrest.

Evidence of his interview with gardai - which took place after his arrest - was heard before the Central Criminal Court today.


Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer

Mr Dwyer (42), an architect of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, is pleading not guilty to the murder of Ms O’Hara (36), a childcare assistant, at Killakee, Rathfarnham on August 22, 2012.

Her remains were found by a dog walker in undergrowth in the Dublin mountains on September 13, 2013.

The prosecution maintains Mr Dwyer killed her for his own sexual gratification.​​

Memos of Mr Dwyer’s interview by Det Sgt Peter Woods were being read to the jury on day 36 of the trial by prosecutor Sean Guerin SC.

“I did not kill Elaine O’Hara,” Mr Dwyer told detectives in one interview while in Blackrock Garda Station.


Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara

Elaine O'Hara


Elaine O'Hara

Det Sgt Peter Woods read hundreds of messages to the accused, messages between four phones alleged to have been used by the pair, with Mr Dwyer continuously denying he used any phone other than his work number.

He said he was mortified by having to speak about his sex life, and agreed his DNA could have been found at her apartment.

“I can understand how it could be there but I didn’t kill anybody, I wouldn’t be surprised if you find my hair or fingerprints there,” he said.

“I’m not an innocent man but I’m innocent of murder.”

Mr Dwyer told gardai he wanted to meet Ms O’Hara for some “stuff” a few times over the years.

“She wanted to be chained up and I wanted sex, but she wasn’t very attractive,” he said.

“She would describe and I would do it.

“There was a time she cut herself and there was fresh blood. I was fascinated by all that, it’s not a turn on.

“It’s not me, I wouldn’t describe it as part of my character.”

Mr Dwyer added that he would not cut anybody or blood let.

“It’s fantasy, make believe,” he said, after he admitted they had a dom/sub relationship after meeting on Alt.com.

Mr Dwyer told gardai in interview that Elaine O’Hara had asked him to kill her “years ago”  but he did not. He also told detectives he would never cut anyone and Ms O’Hara had scarred herself with a box cutter.

Mr Dwyer was being interviewed for the fourth time after his arrest when he told gardai this.

“The ultimate thing with Elaine was she wanted to be kept all day in a cage with a bowl of water… she was scarred from head to toe,” he said.

He said she had scarred herself with a box cutter and it was to do with a psychiatrist she was seeing who had died.

“She asked that if I did kill her, if she could be hung so her father would find her,” he said.

“It’s a big ask,” he said. “My father always said if he suffered a stroke to push him off the old head.”

He said one thing he was relying on was that the bag was there the day he met her, and there was stuff in it she bought online.

“She asked you to kill her?” Det Sgt Woods asked in the interview.

“Years ago,” Mr Dwyer replied.

He was asked if this was a fantasy of his.

“I would say no, it’s in the horror movies, it isn’t in BDSM. We have safe words, we didn’t use them. She didn’t like sex, all she wanted was to be in a position of no control.”

The trial continues before Mr Justice Tony Hunt and a jury of seven men and five women. 

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