Friday 22 November 2019

Graham Dwyer is out of padded cell but on suicide watch

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer
Judge Hunt
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

Murderer Graham Dwyer is still on suicide watch as he awaits his sentencing hearing next week for killing tragic Elaine O'Hara.

The 42-year-old is monitored by staff at the prison every 15 minutes but is no longer in the padded cell he was placed in the day he was found guilty of the murder.

While the verdict shocked the father-of-three, who had boasted to prisoners that he would be dining on steak and red wine on his release, Dwyer is now said by sources to be composed and "taking things in his stride".

"While he's back in a normal cell he isn't being mixed with other prisoners just yet, and he's still monitored every quarter of an hour," a source said.

"The next question is where he will be put once he is sentenced.

"It's hard to know how people might react to him so the prison choice will be interesting," they added.

The architect and model plane enthusiast has been in Cloverhill since he was first charged in October 2013 for killing the child care assistant whose body was found a month earlier after she had been missing for more than a year.

Before and during his 45-day trial, Dwyer told prison guards in jail, and while being escorted to and from the prison, that he would be acquitted.

He told guards he was "in the clear now" as he was brought to hear the jury verdict before being returned to Cloverhill.

Sources said that Dwyer regularly told guards during his trial that it was 'going well' and that he was very confident of acquittal.

But the regime is stricter now for Dwyer now that he has been convicted, and he is already learning to adapt to having fewer visiting rights now that his is guilty.

He is also believed to be preparing an appeal against his conviction.

Dwyer will be back in court next Monday where he will be handed a mandatory life sentence that comes with a murder conviction.

Victim impact statements from Elaine's family are also expected to be submitted to judge Tony Hunt (pictured above).

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