Friday 23 August 2019

GP jailed for indecent assault of 15-year-old girl as he tended to her critically ill mother

Dr Kevin Mulcahy of Lombardstown, Mallow, Co Cork
Dr Kevin Mulcahy of Lombardstown, Mallow, Co Cork

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A GP was jailed for two years for indecently assaulting a 15 year old girl as he tended to her critically ill mother.

The victim, who is now middle-aged and married, broke down as she said the actions by the trusted doctor had overshadowed her entire life.

In a hard-hitting victim impact statement, the woman told Dr Kevin Mulcahy (58) he was "very manipulative" and had taken advantage of a very vulnerable family situation.

She said she was "heartbroken" that her own children now had to try to comfort her because of her upset at what was done to her in December 1989 coupled with the stress of the court proceedings.

"The time has tainted Christmas ever since," she told Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

"I would not believe that just one person could cause so much hardship. It also happened in the one place I should have been safe."

"The past five years (since the complaint was lodged) have been the hardest of my life."

"I feel that everything in my life has been overshadowed by what Dr Kevin Mulcahy did to me."

 She said the time she has lost with her family and her own children because of Dr Mulcahy's actions and their consequences: "I will never get back and could have been avoided if Dr Mulcahy had only admitted what he did."

 Judge Sean O'Donnabhain jailed the GP after warning it was "a very significant breach of trust."

 "He (Dr Mulcahy) to me has little by way of insight into the harm he did. I am not aware of any significant sign of remorse."

 "His attitude appears to have been 'pity me, look at how difficult life is for me.' But I accept that he is now professionally ruined."

 "His career is in tatters. He is socially isolated. He will never work again in the medical field."

 Judge O'Donnabhain jailed Dr Mulcahy for two years and dated the sentence from November 24.

 The GP was convicted by a Circuit Criminal Court jury last Tuesday after a two day trial of indecently assaulting the teen at her home in 1989.

 Dr Mulcahy of Creggan, Lombardstown, Mallow, Co Cork insisted that the incident never took place.

 The GP claimed he had absolutely no recollection of treating the teen and, according to routine surgery practice, destroyed all medical records after 10 years.

 Dr Mulcahy, who qualified as a doctor at UCC in 1981, said he was "deeply shocked and greatly distressed" by the complaint.

 The victim told gardai the incident occurred around Christmas 1989 when Dr Mulcahy called to check on her sick mother.

 A secondary school student, she was on holidays at the time helping her mother in their family home.

 The woman was seriously ill at the time.

 To protect the identity of the victim, the location where the indecent assault occurred cannot be given.

 The victim said Dr Mulcahy offered to examine her after she admitted she was not feeling well.

 She said that, despite complaining of a sore throat and headache, Dr Mulcahy placed his hand on her vagina area outside her clothing.

 He also hugged her.

 The teen was shocked by what happened but, given all that was happening in her house over her mother's illness, she did not raise the alarm.

 She contacted gardai and made a formal complaint in October 2010.

Judge O'Donnabhain was told that Dr Mulcahy established his GP practice in north Cork in 1989.

 He has not practiced as a GP since 2010.

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