Tuesday 28 January 2020

Gardai feared Gran 'acting like Tarzan' was going to throw microwave at them

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A Grandmother was arrested for her own safety after she acted "like Tarzan" in trying to lift a microwave before dropping it on her head while drunk, a court heard.

Marie O'Neill (72) was ann-oyed and trying to remove the oven from outside her home during a dispute over furniture.

Gardai who arrived to deal with the incident said they feared she was going to throw the microwave on their car as she continued to try to lift it over her head.

O'Neill, a pensioner with 12 grandchildren, was found guilty of public intoxication outside her apartment at Glenmore Green, Ballyboden, last Novem-ber 8.

Judge Ann Ryan adjourned the case and said she would strike it out if O'Neill made a €100 charity donation. The judge dismissed a breach of the peace charge. The accused had denied both charges.

Gda Derek Ryan told Dublin District Court that he was called to the scene where there was a dispute between the accused's daughter and another woman "over the purchase of furniture".

The court heard the other woman had given this furniture to O'Neill's daughter, then took it back because of the dispute.

However, a fridge freezer with a microwave on top of it were left stored in a hallway at the accused's home and she did not want them there.

When gardai arrived, O'Neill was "very intoxicated and upset". After she calmed down, Gda Ryan took her details and explained that the issue of the furniture was a civil matter.

When they left, O'Neill came out of her ground floor apartment, ran up to the door and began pulling the microwave off the fridge freezer, which began rocking and the microwave fell on her head.

She moved it on to the street and "tried to lift it towards the patrol car", the officer said.

He said he got out of the car and tried to reason with her, but she became abusive and told him to "f*** off".


Gda Ryan alleged that she also swung kicks at him and moved back to the hallway, where she began rocking the fridge back on top of herself. The garda intervened to prevent the fridge falling and arrested her.

Another garda said: "I thought she was going to throw the microwave on to the car. She tried to lift it above her head."

O'Neill told the court she had three glasses of wine at lunch and one more when she got home and was "jarred" and dozing on the sofa when the gardai arrived. She let them in.

She said the "third party" - the other woman - arrived at the same time as the gardai and began taking items, including a sofa from the hall.

O'Neill tried to move the microwave because she wanted that gone too and it fell on her head.

She admitted telling the garda to "f*** off", but did not recall kicking out at him.

"She acted like Tarzan in trying to take the microwave off the fridge, but wasn't able to hold it," her lawyer said.

Judge Ryan said it was clear the accused had been so drunk she was a danger to herself.

"You should be grateful the gardai were there to assist you or something much worse might have happened," she said.

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