Monday 16 July 2018

Gardaí left ammunition at my home - Mansfield

Jim Mansfield Junior. Photo: Caroline Quinn
Jim Mansfield Junior. Photo: Caroline Quinn
PJ Mansfield. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Eimear Cotter

Businessman Jim Mansfield Jnr will claim gardaí left behind ammunition belonging to his late father when they removed his legally-held firearms from the family home after he passed away.

He will also claim his gun licence was cancelled by gardaí without notifying him, his solicitor said.

Jim Mansfield (48) is charged with having a pump-action shotgun, shotgun cartridges and ammunition without a firearms certificate.

He is facing a Circuit Court trial after a judge refused jurisdiction to deal with his case in the District Court.

His brother, Patrick James 'PJ' Mansfield (38), is accused of having over 1,000 rounds of ammunition without a licence.

Judge David McHugh accepted jurisdiction in this matter.

Jim Mansfield, of Tassaggart House in Saggart, Co Dublin, is charged with possession of a Fabarm pump-action shotgun without a firearm certificate.

He is also accused of possession of 180 rounds of .22 Walther ammunition and 19 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun cartridges without a certificate.

PJ Mansfield is charged with possession of 1,252 rounds of Walther ammunition without a firearms licence, at his home at Coldwinters Lake in Saggart.

Blanchardstown Court heard the DPP had directed summary trial in the District Court.

Outlining the allegations for jurisdiction purposes, Detective Garda Ian Pemberton alleged gardaí searched Jim Mansfield's home on January 29, 2015, and found a shotgun in the master bedroom.

Garda Pemberton claimed 19 rounds were found nearby, and the accused had no licence for the gun or ammunition.

The garda said officers also seized a licensed Walther pistol. However, he alleged gardaí found 480 rounds of ammunition, which was 180 rounds in excess of the licence.

Defence solicitor Yvonne Bambury claimed her clients had firearms licences, but they were cancelled without notification to them.

She said the men's father, Jim Mansfield Snr, had an interest in antique weapons and held a number of valid firearms.

He died in January 2014 and, when he died, gardaí collected his weapons - but did not collect the ammunition that was there. A State solicitor asked that "the evidence not be tested prior to jurisdiction".

Judge McMcHugh refused jurisdiction in the case of Jim Mansfield.

However, Judge McHugh said he accepted jurisdiction in PJ Mansfield's case.

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