Wednesday 24 January 2018

'Gangland party' mum has 28 days to quit home

Josephine Tyrell Picture: Courtpix
Josephine Tyrell Picture: Courtpix
Josephine Tyrell leaving the Circuit Civil Court. Photo: Courtpix

A MOTHER said to have held loud parties "involving gangland personalities well known to the gardai" has been given 28 days to leave her home.

A judge heard that Josephine Tyrell had been "the cause of intimidation and fear to her neighbours". Two tenants had given up their homes because Ms Tyrell had caused "considerable disruption" in the estate.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane said in the Circuit Civil Court that Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council had terminated her tenancy in December 2012 for breach of contract.

The judge said Ms Tyrell had been given several warnings following 36 complaints from neighbours that anti-social behaviour, caused by her or visitors, had been taking place at her home at Brehon Grove, Ballinteer, Dublin.

The judge said Ms Tyrell's neighbours had been "intimidated and in fear for their lives".

Barrister Martin Dully, for the local authority, said that on one occasion Ms Tyrell had climbed up on to a neighbour's balcony, shouted at the tenant, had threatened her and had smashed her property.

The judge said since her tenancy had been terminated, Ms Tyrell had remained unlawfully in the property, and the local authority had received a further 36 complaints.

Garda Michael Smith said he had been a community garda for the Ballinteer area from 2010 to 2012 and he had been familiar with problems emanating from Ms Tyrell's home.

Garda Smith said on one occasion he had observed a "gangland personality wearing a bullet-proof jacket" during a loud party at Ms Tyrell's home.

He told the court that on that occasion he had arrested one of Ms Tyrell's visitors for a public order offence. He said a man had been stabbed later that night. Both the victim and his assailant had been at the party in Ms Tyrell's house.

Ms Tyrell said she had been suffering from alcoholism and was attempting to address her problems.

Granting the local authority possession of the house, the judge said Ms Tyrell had enjoyed the benefit of living in the house for over a year since having been told to quit.

The judge directed that there be no visitors to the premises except herself and her children during the next 28 days that she was entitled to live there.

Ray Managh

Irish Independent

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