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Gallagher made gun shape with finger, court told

JOHN Gallagher made the shape of a gun with his finger to his brother and pretended to pull the trigger on two consecutive days, a court has heard.

The alleged incidents happened on May 13 and 14 outside of his brother Donal's workplace in Strabane, Co Tyrone.

John Gallagher, who wore jeans and a hooded top, appeared at Strabane Magistrates Court charged with harassment and making threats to kill. The case had been adjourned from last week to fix bail conditions.

The conditions are that John Gallagher (47) from Grangewood, Strabane, not have contact with his brother Donal and also that he should not film him.

District Judge Paul Copeland adjourned the case until June 13 to hear another bail application.

Irish Independent