Tuesday 24 April 2018

Former manager pursues Mansfields for costs

Tim Healy

A FORMER general manager of Citywest Hotel in Dublin has claimed that his legal costs have not been paid after he took an action for wrongful dismissal.

John Glynn is pursuing two directors of a hotel operating company because of their alleged failure to pay more then €166,000 after a legal settlement.

Mr Glynn had sued the operating company HSS and the case was settled last May.

However, he now claims that his costs have still not been paid. HSS went into receivership in July.

Brothers Anthony and Patrick Mansfield, who are directors of HSS Ltd, which had operated Dublin's Citywest Hotel and conference centre, were yesterday examined before the Master of the High Court, Edmond Honohan.

The Master was told that the brothers had asked an accountant to obtain the documentation, which would include details of property that HSS owns or any debts owed to the firm from the receiver.

The brothers and their father, fellow HSS director Jim Mansfield, were all due to face examination as to assets they own and to explain what debts may be owing to them or HSS, trading as Citywest Hotel.


The Master was told that Jim Mansfield Sr, of Tassaggart House, Saggart, west Dublin, was ill and unable to attend.

Following the examination of both Anthony and Patrick Mansfield, the Master granted a certificate of non-appearance in regards to Mr Mansfield Snr.

However, he refused to grant a certificate of non-compliance concerning the production of HSS's books and documents in relation to both Patrick and Anthony Mansfield.

Mr Honohan said he was adjourning the matter to a date next month in order to allow both men more time to deal with the case.

In reply to Robert Beatty, for Mr Glynn, Patrick and Anthony Mansfield said they had asked an in-house accountant for the Mansfield family to get the documentation required from the receiver, who had been appointed to HSS by Bank of Scotland Ireland in July of this year.

However, they said the accountant had been unable to get any of the documentation in question from the receiver Martin Ferris.

Anthony Mansfield said the bank was owed €140m.

He also told the court that he had no communication with Mr Ferris, nor had he been involved in the running of the Citywest complex since the receiver was put in place.

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