Thursday 18 October 2018

Former Anglo chief David Drumm due back in Dublin to face charges

David Drumm
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Former Anglo Irish Bank boss David Drumm will be appearing in court in Dublin tomorrow.

Mr Drumm is due to fly back from Boston to face 33 charges in the Criminal Courts of Justice.

Last month, the former Anglo chief waived his right to challenge his extradition from the US.

In late February, lawyers for former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to express their concern about the 'delay' in extraditing him from the United States.

The Sunday Independent reported that Drumm's solicitor, Michael Staines, wrote to the DPP to tell them that the US authorities had completed all the steps required for the former banker's return to Dublin.

All that remained was for the Irish authorities to provide the US Marshals Service with a date to effect Mr Drumm's removal, he said.

David Drumm, the former Anglo Irish Bank chief, outside court in Boston.
David Drumm, the former Anglo Irish Bank chief, outside court in Boston.

Mr Staines, one of Ireland's leading criminal defence lawyers, informed the DPP in his letter that both the US Office of International Affairs and US Department of State signed off on Mr Drumm's extradition that same day, on February 24 last.

The Assistant US Attorney in Mr Drumm's case had already informed the former Anglo chief that his paperwork was complete, and advised him that they were now awaiting confirmation from Ireland in relation to the date of his flight to Ireland.

It is understood that Mr Drumm's solicitor asked the DPP to explain why this information had yet to be provided to the US authorities.

A spokeswoman for the DPP said: "The Office [of the DPP] will not be commenting on this matter as we do not comment on individual cases."

A source close to Mr Drumm expressed their frustration at the time at what they described as 'foot dragging' on the part of the Irish authorities.

"David has been told everything is ready on the Americans' side. The US Marshals are ready and have his passport. As soon as they get the green light from Dublin, he'll be on his way.

"The DPP has been asked by David's solicitor for an explanation and they've said they're still waiting for confirmation from the US that the process is complete on their end. It doesn't make sense," they said.

A garda source insisted that the US authorities had yet to make contact to confirm that the documentation necessary for Mr Drumm's extradition had been signed off.

"We will only assemble a team to bring Mr Drumm back to Dublin when we've received the appropriate documentation from the US. We haven't received that yet," the source said.

Mr Drumm was detained at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility, near Boston.

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