Saturday 20 January 2018

FitzPatrick trial in quotes

{ I would like also to especially thank the women and men of the jury who found me not guilty of all charges." Sean FitzPatrick after he had been cleared of all charges.

{ If I had suggested to you that my client was picked on, was singled out above others, you would say I was a conspiracy theorist, but the prosecution have told you this." Michael O'Higgins SC, for Sean FitzPatrick, to the jury in his closing argument.

{ It's a bit like that movie, 'Trading Places'. Win, lose, or draw, they always get paid." Michael O'Higgins SC on how big international institutions profit from the use of CFDs.

{ He asked me about the transaction. He asked, as if talking out loud, 'I wonder was that the right transaction to do', specifically in respect of the recourse to the 10 borrowers." Anglo's former chief financial officer Matt Moran on what Sean FitzPatrick said two weeks after the deal.

{ I was never in his house, he was never in my house, we never socialised together." Sean FitzPatrick on his relationship with David Drumm (pictured), Anglo's ex-CEO.

{ If I tried to run the show with senior executives there would be absolute disharmony, murder and divided loyalty and they would be telling me to bugger off." FitzPatrick on Drumm being the new boss of the bank.

{ It's sort of like 1916 in reverse. When the lads were taken out of the GPO they were treated risibly by the people of Dublin and virtually spat on. When they were executed, they became heroes. History is being rewritten on this."

Michael O'Higgins SC, for Sean FitzPatrick, told the jury in his closing argument.

{ There's a sea of detail in this case but there's a very small rock pool in it that relates to Mr FitzPatrick." Michael O'Higgins SC in his closing argument.

{ The reason I was being asked was because David (Drumm) felt Sean Quinn has such high regard for me and that I was to show how disappointed I was that he had cfds in the bank and that, according to David, might encourage him to dispose of them."

FitzPatrick tells gardai why he met Sean Quinn.

{ They had effectively fallen out and the only person David saw fit to talk to Quinn was me. David couldn't do it himself. My instructions were quite clear. Mend fences. Do not negotiate."

FitzPatrick on meeting Sean Quinn after the Maple 10 transaction.

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