Tuesday 28 January 2020

Find less costly way to end legal row, rock band told

Tim Healy

A JUDGE yesterday urged rock band Lir and its former manager David Reilly to find "less costly" means of resolving their dispute over an ill-fated US tour.

Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne said in the High Court that it might be "a kindness" to dismiss David Reilly's action because of delays in getting the proceedings on as none of the parties involved had "deep pockets".

However, at this point in time, she would not do so and urged them to consider whether there was a less costly and more practical way to bring the protracted dispute to an end.

Members of the band had sought an order striking out proceedings by Mr Reilly and his company, Muchwood Management Ltd, for an alleged breach of contract over what was described as "an ill-fated" US tour in 1995.

They claimed the case should be dismissed because of a 13-year delay since the proceedings were instituted.


The band has counter-claimed over the way the tour was handled by Mr Reilly, claiming it was "disastrous".

They also claimed the proceedings were without merit and vexatious.

Yesterday, Ms Justice Dunne said the management company did not seem to have any resources and Mr Reilly was working as a legal executive.

Four of the band members, she said, did not have any regular income "and appear to be heavily dependent on social welfare payments or family for their support."

She questioned whether there was any reality for the parties in pursuing this litigation and urged them to find "an alternative method of resolution of their dispute".

The matter will be back before the court next month.

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