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Father 'snapped' and punched son (2) in the face

A MAN who punched his two-year-old son in the face has been given the benefit of the probation act, writes Ciaran Murphy.

The Waterford man (37) was taking care of his children, aged two and six months, on April 12 of last year when he struck the former on the side of the face and ear, the Circuit Court in the city heard.

The man, a factory worker who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the child, pleaded guilty to the assault of his son and the probation act was applied. It means the man was allowed to go free from court on a bail bond.

Inspector Paul Heffernan outlined to Judge Rory MacCabe how the man said he "snapped" while minding his children and the boy had misbehaved.

Insp Heffernan said: "The assault on this young child was unnecessary – cowardly. No child deserves that."

During a garda interview, the man said: "I take full responsibility – I kind of snapped – I had enough."

The child's mother, the estranged wife of the guilty man, was working when the assault occurred.

The boy is being medically investigated with regards to his hearing, the court was told.

Irish Independent