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Father says he ‘has no idea’ why son Robert Sheehan was shot at wedding

THE father of a young criminal who was shot dead at a family wedding said today he has no idea why his son was murdered.

Gardai in Clare and Limerick are continuing to investigate the murder of Robert Sheehan (21) at Bunratty Castle Hotel on September 2 last.

Two Limerick men who were arrested in connection with the murder were released last Friday.

One theory being investigated is that Sheehan was shot after he stabbed a well known criminal in Moyross last July.

Sheehan – who had more than 100 criminal convictions – was sentenced to two years for his role in the horrific arson attack on siblings, Gavin (4) and Millie (6) Murray in 2006. On that occasion Sheehan acted as look-out for two co-accomplices who threw petrol bombs at the car the children were in.

Grieving father, Patrick Sheehan says he has no idea why his son was shot dead.

Mr Sheehan said he never condoned his son’s actions which resulted in the firebombing.

“You can be sure my Robert never knew there was kids in the car – nobody knew there was kids in the car,” he said.

“He was totally sorry. He never got over it,” Mr Sheehan said.