Monday 20 November 2017

Father of murdered Roy Collins tells court Wayne Dundon made intimidating gestures to him during previous trial

Wayne Dundon
Wayne Dundon

The father of murder victim Roy Collins has told the Special Criminal Court that Wayne Dundon made intimidating gestures towards him during a previous criminal trial.

Steve Collins told the non-jury court that Mr Dundon was on trial in 2005 charged with threatening to kill his stepson. Mr Collins said that the accused kept staring at him and tapping his watch “indicating what I thought was ‘my time had come.’”

Wayne Dundon (36), of Lenihan Avenue, Prospect and Nathan Killeen (24) of Hyde Road, Prospect have both pleaded not guilty to the murder of 35-year-old Roy Collins at Coin Castle Amusements, Roxboro Road Shopping Centre on April 9, 2009.

Mr Collins was at work around noon that day when a gunman entered his amusement arcade and shot him in the chest. 

It is the prosecution case that Mr Dundon directed the murder from prison and Mr Killeen was the getaway driver.

The deceased’s father, Steve Collins, earlier told the trial that after being shot, his son told him how much he loved him but could not say who had fired the gun.

Stephen Collins - Roy Collins' father - at his home in Limerick.
Stephen Collins - Roy Collins' father - at his home in Limerick.

The prosecution recalled Mr Collins to the witness box today to ask him about a trial that took place in May 2005 in which Mr Dundon was accused of threatening to kill his step-son.

Mr Collins told prosecuting counsel Michael O’Higgins SC that he attended every day of the trial. He said that every day Mr Dundon would be listening to music on his headphones.

He said the accused kept tapping his watch and staring at him which caused him concern.

“It felt very intimidating,” he told counsel. “Like at some stage he was going to get me and that my time would come.”

Counsel for Mr Dundon, Remy Farrell SC, suggested to Mr Collins that the incident never happened and told him that prisoners aren’t allowed wear watches.

Mr Collins replied that he believed it was a watch but it could have been a bracelet.

The current trial has already heard evidence from Mr Dundon’s first cousin, Anthony “Noddy” McCarthy who is serving a life sentence for murder. 

Mr McCarthy gave evidence that Mr Dundon told him that he had ordered the murder of Roy Collins.

He tapped the wrist of his watch hand when telling the trial that Mr Dundon said: “Steve Collins didn’t believe me when I did that in court”.

The court’s three judges have also viewed the gun which was allegedly used in Mr Collins’ murder.

Ballistics expert, Detective Garda David O’Leary, showed an unloaded 9mm pistol to the court. He said he received this for examination in 2012 along with a magazine containing 3 bullets.

He said the gun was rusted and covered in soil and organic material suggesting it had been improperly stored. However he was able to fire it after oiling it and removing some of the rust.

He said it was his view that marks on a cartridge found at the murder scene matched up to the handgun.

The court earlier heard that the gun was found in the grounds of a rugby club three years after the murder, by three men who were doing community service.

The trial continues, presided over by Ms Justice Iseult O’Malley.

Conor Gallagher

Online Editors

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