Sunday 22 September 2019

Farmer may have used 'quad bike' to mow down DJ


Patrick Quirke. Photo: Collins Courts
Patrick Quirke. Photo: Collins Courts

Dean Gray

Gardaí investigating the murder of Bobby Ryan believe killer Patrick Quirke may have mown down the part-time DJ with a "quad bike" before returning to dump his body in an underground tank.

Quirke was last week convicted of the murder of Mr Ryan, whose body was found in an underground tank on the Co Tipperary farm of Mary Lowry almost two years after he vanished without warning.

Investigators believe Quirke used a quad to mow down Mr Ryan and then waited until Ms Lowry left her home at Fawnagown to bring her children to school before dumping the body.

The DJ, known as Mr Moonlight, was last seen alive leaving Ms Lowry's home at around 6.30am on June 3, 2011.

Later that same day, within hours of the murder, Quirke left Tipperary with his wife Imelda for nearby Portlaoise, where they checked in to the Heritage Hotel to celebrate her birthday.

Two pathologists disagreed on the cause of death during the murder trial. One of the experts believed Mr Ryan's injuries were caused by vehicular impact trauma, while the other believed they were due to blows from a blunt object.

A source said: "There was a quad bike on the farm, but by the time Bobby Ryan was discovered and the pathology results came in to suggest that he may have been injured with a vehicle, it was long gone.

"It is possible that he used that to run him over and that he killed him with the impact," they added.

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