Saturday 16 November 2019

Ex-Anglo boss claims that Irish hearing will never be fair to him

David Drumm
David Drumm

Jane O'Faherty

David Drumm has said he will never get a fair hearing in Ireland.

In previously unpublished comments, the CEO of the former Anglo Irish Bank attacked the Government and the media for making him a "scapegoat".

The original interview was published on the website in July, 2015.

"My version of events, acceptance of responsibility for my failings, and information that I feel should be made public - and is critical to the public interest - will never get a hearing because, evidently, the establishment has much to fear from my evidence," he said.

"Their standard retort for any view I wish to express is, 'Why doesn't he come home and cooperate with the gardaí?'" he said.

"This is their trump card and has the effect of ending all discussion."

Mr Drumm ran the bank from 2005 to 2008 and moved to Boston in 2009 - the same year the bank was bailed out by taxpayers.

However, Mr Drumm stressed he had never been charged with a criminal offence, but alleged that Irish politicians and the media had portrayed him as a villain "exhaustively and repeatedly".

"I am routinely described as having 'fled' the country when, in fact, I moved back to the US with my family in June, 2009 - six months after I left the bank," he claimed.

Mr Drumm added that he had returned to Ireland on two separate occasions in 2009 to speak to the bank about his loans.

"On the first occasion, my visit to the bank was purposely leaked to the media and a photographer and senior political journalist were waiting for me at the front door," he said.

"On the second occasion, the bank cancelled a settlement meeting that I had travelled over for and, soon after, issued legal proceedings against me and my wife, all for political effect.

"It is abundantly clear that I have been made a scapegoat for all of the problems Ireland has endured since the financial crisis of 2008," he continued.

"I have always accepted my professional failings but I will not be bullied and criminalised for political advantage and to deflect blame from others."

He added that the media and the Government had waged an "unprecedented campaign" to undermine his credibility.

Mr Drumm also said he believed that Irish people would no longer believe politicians and media, saying that "dishonesty, spin, corruption and incompetence" were "the mark of Irish politics".

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