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Ex-Miss Ireland gets €12,000 after fall

A FORMER Miss Ireland was awarded €12,000 damages after injuring her left ankle in a trip and fall at a shopping centre.

Nuala Holloway Casey, of Rowanbyrn, Blackrock, Co Dublin, said her high heel caught in a hole at the entrance to the escalator ramp or 'travelator' at the village's Superquinn Shopping Centre on December 21, 2007.

The 60-year-old, a well-known photographic and fashion model in the late 1970s and 1980s, told Judge Barry Hickson that she still suffered intermittent pain from the injury which had been exacerbated by a second fall in the same store in February 2009.

The former model, artist and language teacher at St Killian's German School, said she needed painkillers to get her through Christmas 2007. She visited the doctor 10 days after the fall but had suffered "dreadful pain" and had to give up tennis, ending her membership of Monkstown Tennis Club.

Her barrister Paul Murray said liability had been conceded by joint defendants Secret Retail Holdings, which trades as Superquinn, and Kine (Ireland) Limited, travelator and escalator fitters, Ballymount, Dublin.

The hearing in the Circuit Civil Court, Dublin, was to assess damages. Ms Holloway Casey told Conor Kearney, defending, that she also slipped and fell in the Superquinn store in February, 2009, two years after the injury to her ankle.

Judge Hickson, awarding her €12,000 for personal injuries with €1,250 special damages to cover various expenses, said she occasionally still felt pain in her ankle.

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