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Employee claims Temple Bar Trust won't recognise redundancy deal

A HIGH Court action has been brought against the Dublin City Council-owned Temple Bar Cultural Trust (TBCT) arising out of a claim it is refusing to recognise a redundancy agreement entered into with one of the trust's managers.

The action is being brought by Eimear Chaomhanach, who has been employed by TBCT as Audience Development Manager since 2007.

Yesterday her lawyers told the High Court that earlier this month she entered into a redundancy agreement with TBCT, which is in the process of being wound down.

The court heard the agreement was signed by the TBCT's CEO Dermot McLaughlin.

However, she was subsequently informed that Mr McLaughlin had no authority to sign the redundancy agreement, and that she should return to her job.

The court heard Ms Chaomhanach was also informed that if she did not return to work she would be treated as having abandoned her job and would have pay docked.

At yesterday's sitting of the Court Mr Justice Colm Mac Eochaidh granted Ms Chaomhanach's lawyers permission to serve short service of proceedings against TBCT, with an address at Essex Street, Temple Bar Dublin 2.

In her action against TBCT she is seeking an order requiring it to process her redundancy in accordance with the agreed terms set out in a letter dated May 10, 2013, from Mr McLaughlin.

She is also seeking injunctions, pending the outcome of her action, restraining TBCT from taking any disciplinary proceedings against her arising out of her non-attendance at work, and from treating her as being anything other than being made redundant.

The Judge made the matter returnable to Thursday of this week.

Irish Independent