Tuesday 20 February 2018

Emigrating electrician set to give back house

Ray Managh

AN UNEMPLOYED electrician with a €3,000-a-month mortgage yesterday told the a court that he may hand back the keys of his house when he emigrates to Canada next week.

Gavin O'Brien told County Registrar Susan Ryan that before he leaves the country next Wednesday he would offer Irish Nationwide Building Society €1,000 a month towards the repayments.

But if they weren't happy with the offer, they could take back the house. The lender's legal team said it was unlikely that it could enter an arrangement where it would allow the current arrears of €50,000 on the house at Drynam Road, Swords, north Dublin, to increase by a further €2,000 each month.

Mr O'Brien told the Dublin County Registrar's Court that he lived in the house with his girlfriend.

He said his brother Damien was a "sleeping partner" on the mortgage.

"With the construction industry in the state it is in it is impossible to get a job and I am emigrating to Canada on the 21st of this month," he revealed. "My girlfriend will follow me out a month later."

He said he planned to rent the house for €1,000 a month which he would pass on to Irish Nationwide. He would top up this repayment as best he could from Canada. Mr O'Brien, who represented himself in court, said that the house belonged to him.

Damien O'Brien, although named in the proceedings, was not in court.

Registrar Ms Ryan said she would grant the society an order for possession with a stay for two months to allow Mr O'Brien put his proposals to them. "If they are happy with that they are happy," Mr O'Brien said. "If not they can just go ahead."

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