Tuesday 20 August 2019

'Embarrassed' ex-Celtic star Stokes admits stalking girlfriend

‘Keen to put this behind them’: Former Celtic star Anthony Stokes. Picture: Collins
‘Keen to put this behind them’: Former Celtic star Anthony Stokes. Picture: Collins
‘Keen to put this behind them’: Eilidh Scott

David Meikle

Former Celtic star and Irish international Anthony Stokes has admitted carrying out a terrifying stalking campaign against his girlfriend.

The 31-year-old Dubliner bombarded Eilidh Scott with a string of abusive messages that saw him send 100 texts a day on WhatsApp and email.

He labelled her a "slut", and a "whore" and turned up at her home in Lanarkshire in Scotland late at night.

Stokes demanded to know her whereabouts and also pestered her mother, May Scott.

Stokes, who has a son (2) with Ms Scott, appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court and admitted stalking Ms Scott and her mother between July last year and February.

"In July she attended at a friend's house for a girls' night in and received numerous calls, texts, WhatsApp and Facetime messages from the accused but declined to answer them," said depute fiscal Lynn McFauld.

"She was becoming extremely uncomfortable and agitated by this and eventually accepted a Facetime message hoping that if she spoke to him he would desist and let her enjoy her night.

"He immediately demanded to know where she was and who she was with and was clearly angry and agitated.

"She turned her phone round the room to let him see her friends and later advised she would speak to him the next day but he continued to try and make contact."

The court heard Stokes arrived at May Scott's home later the same evening and confronted Ms Scott when she arrived home, calling her a "slag", "slut" and "whore".

Michael Gallen, defending, said his client was "embarrassed by the way he has behaved to the mother of his child". "He has apologised and they are both keen to put this behind them," he added.

Sheriff Alasdair MacFadyen deferred sentence until September. "It is not a case of an isolated incident but a course of conduct and I'm told that you and the woman have reconciled but have also been told it is on-off," he said.

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