Wednesday 17 January 2018

Elaine O'Hara in her own words

The Central Criminal Court has heard that Elaine O'Hara had, at various times, been diagnosed with recurring depressive disorder and emotionally unstable personality disorder.

She was admitted to hospital on 14 separate occasions for the treatment of depression and had a history of low self esteem, self harm and suicide attempts.

A discharge letter, with a summary note containing what the court was told were some of Elaine O'Hara's own words, was released to her GP by the late professor Anthony Clare in June 2005 and contained the following words which the court heard were relayed to Prof Clare by Elaine O'Hara.

"I'm not well. I'm going insane, I'm becoming angry at small things. I've had this all my life, its just coming to the surface now.

"I wish they had let me die."

- Elaine O'Hara's reported observations on her admission to hospital and her reported remarks about a previous suicide attempt.


"I wasn't born for life. No one likes me, I'm a bad person."

- words Elaine O'Hara expressed in 2005, as recorded in Prof Clare's summary note.


"I have six ways of killing myself."

- words attributed to Elaine O'Hara in a December 2006 discharge note after she spent several weeks in hospital.

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