Saturday 7 December 2019

Dunnes manager off work for four years after slipping on olive oil

A DUNNES Stores manager who allegedly sustained serious injuries to her shoulder when she slipped on an olive oil spill was unable to return to work for over four years, the High Court heard today.

Eileen Monahan (55) from Beneavin Road, Glasnevin, Dublin has brought an action for damages against her employer as a result of the accident at Dunnes in the ILAC Centre, Dublin, on December 1, 2006.

Ms Monahan, the court heard, has worked with Dunnes for 30 years and was manager in the lingerie and hosiery department.

Her claim includes €135,000 for loss of earnings in the years immediately after the accident when she could not work.

Opening her case, Micheal P O Higgins SC said Ms Monahan had returned to work in April 2011. He said the accident occurred after bottles of olive oil had spilled on the floor.

Ms Monahan had been in a store room and was on the way to talk to the store manager when she slipped on the liquid on the floor.

Dunnes were claiming she should have been alert to the olive oil on the floor as employees were trying to mop up at the time and staff had taken immediate steps to cordon off the area, counsel said.

Ms Monaghan, who fractured her shoulder, claims she was not prevented from approaching by the manager who was there at the time.

Counsel told Ms Justice Mary Irvine water had been used in the mop up and this exacerbated the situation making the floor more slippy.

She went home after her accident and later had x rays. She went into work the next day but had to go home because of the pain and was not able to return to her job until April 2011.

She had to have two operations and intensive physiotherapy, but will have permanent pain in her shoulder as a result of her injuries, her counsel said. He said she still has pain to this day in her left shoulder and a medical report of 2010 said there was reduced range of movement in her shoulder.

She had to give up her philosophy degree studies and can't lift heavy loads and or hang clothes out on the line, counsel said.

The case resumes next Tuesday.

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