Friday 19 January 2018

Dundon said he had a gun and 'everything was sorted', trial told

April Collins, who gave evidence in the trial of John Dundon
April Collins, who gave evidence in the trial of John Dundon
John Dundon is accused of murdering Garryowen rugby player Shane Geoghegan
Shane Geoghegan

Natasha Reid

JOHN Dundon ordered a killing shortly before rugby player Shane Geoghegan was murdered, the ex-girlfriend of Dundon's brother told a court.

April Collins (26) was giving evidence to the Special Criminal Court in the trial of 30-year-old Limerick man John Dundon, who is charged with murdering the Garryowen player.

Dundon, of Hyde Road in the city, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Geoghegan at Clonmore, Dooradoyle, on November 9, 2008.

The three-judge, non-jury court has already heard the 28-year-old rugby player was gunned down in a case of mistaken identity as he returned home to his girlfriend.

He died at the scene of gunshot wounds.

It is the prosecution case that he was the unintended victim of a shooting meant for another man, John McNamara, who lived near Mr Geoghegan.

Ms Collins told the court yesterday that she had been going out with John Dundon's brother, Gerard, since she was 16 and had three children with him.

She said Gerard Dundon was now in prison and that they were no-longer in a relationship.

She said she was in the house that John Dundon shared with his girlfriend and children and a man called Barry Doyle shortly before Mr Geoghegan was shot dead.

She said John and Gerard Dundon, Barry Doyle and a number of other people were also there.

"John started talking, explaining to Barry what John McNamara looked like," she said.

"He was saying he had a gun and a car there and everything was sorted, that it just needed to be done," she added.

"John was telling him he was a big fella," she continued. "He said to Barry Doyle, 'The gun is there. You kill him. And one of ye is driving and that's that'."

Ms Collins said that she, Gerard Dundon and her two sons stayed in a hotel that night. The court had already heard evidence that this was November 7, 2008.

Tom O'Connell SC, prosecuting, asked if there was a reason they could not stay in their own home.

"Just say yes or no," he told her.

"Yes," she replied.

She said they went home the next morning and took the children to school, checking into the hotel again that night, November 8.

She said they received a phone call from John Dundon, arranging to meet them at a car park on the Dublin Road the following morning. She drove herself, Gerard Dundon and their two children to the car park at around 6.30am.

"John and Barry were parked in the car park. Barry was driving. I drove up," she said.

"John was very excited in himself, saying, 'Johnny Mac is dead. We got him'."

She said he then rang another man "to slag him".

"John started panicking, giving out to Barry that it was the wrong man, not Johnny Mac," she continued. "He was saying, 'You hit the wrong man'. Barry was saying, 'It is him. The way you described him, that's the man I killed'.

"Barry started to get frightened because John was getting out of control, roaring and screaming. He said to Gerard they were going to go away."

Ms Collins then identified John Dundon across the courtroom.

Brendan Nix SC will cross-examine Ms Collins on behalf of John Dundon today, after the accused has had an opportunity to watch CCTV footage.

The trial continues with Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns presiding.

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