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Dublin mum tells court landlord threw out urn containing ashes of her late husband


A High Court described CHC as a 'sort of Irish Ponzi scheme'

A High Court described CHC as a 'sort of Irish Ponzi scheme'

A High Court described CHC as a 'sort of Irish Ponzi scheme'

A Dublin mother told a court today that her landlord unlawfully entered her rented home and threw out personal items including an urn containing the ashes of her late husband.

Julie Magee, who owed landlord Seamus O’Dowd more than €7,000 in rent arrears, told Judge Jacqueline Linnane in the Circuit Civil Court that she could replace other items of personal property but could not replace her husband’s ashes.

Barrister Una Cassidy, counsel for the Private Residential Tenancies Board, (PRTB) said a Tenancy Tribunal last year awarded Ms Magee €500 for belongings she had lost when the landlord entered the address at Oak Avenue, Royal Oak, Santry, Co Dublin.

Ms Cassidy said the Tribunal, which had heard an appeal by Ms Magee against a PRTB determination for possession of the premises, had not been satisfied there was an urn on the table when the landlord entered the house and removed certain items.

Counsel told Judge Linnane that Ms Magee, otherwise known as Julie Keaton, owed landlord Seamus O’Dowd €7,300 in rent arrears. The Tenancy Tribunal awarded Ms Magee €500 damages which reduced the figure to €6,800. This was reduced further by the landlord having been able to retain a one-month rental deposit of €1,550.

Ms Magee today told the court she had six children aged between 10 and two. She said her landlord unlawfully entered the property and replaced the locks and added: “He threw out my husband’s ashes. I can replace everything else but I can’t replace his ashes.”

Judge Linnane granted the PRTB judgment on behalf of Mr O’Dowd of €5,250 against Ms Magee and her partner and fellow respondent Kieran Moans with legal costs against them in favour of the Board.

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