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Drunk man threatened to start shooting

A MAN phoned gardai and said he had a gun and was prepared to start shooting, a court heard.

When he received no response, Chris Keaney approached three gardai and called them "pigs" for no reason.

Insp Sean McGinty said that when Keaney gave his name at Sligo Garda Station it was realised that a man had phoned an hour earlier with that name and said he had a gun and was going to shoot out the windows.

Defence solicitor Tom McSharry told Sligo District Court that father-of-four Keaney, (41), , of Courthouse Drive, Grange, Co Sligo, had a serious alcohol problem.

Keaney was sentenced to three months' jail, suspended for two years, after he admitted threatening and abusive behaviour and being drunk at Castle Street, Sligo, on March 5 last.

Irish Independent