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Driver fined after hairdresser's finger is severed in his car door


Woman's fingered severed in car door. Photo: Getty Images.

Woman's fingered severed in car door. Photo: Getty Images.

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Woman's fingered severed in car door. Photo: Getty Images.

A young man who drove off with a woman's finger caught in the car door - severing it below the nail – has been found guilty of failing to report the incident to gardai as soon as it happened.

Thomas Dennis (21) admitted that he did not realise the woman's finger was caught in the door after he pulled away from outside a Balbriggan nightclub and only discovered the finger tip stuck in the passenger side of the door the following morning.

He said as soon as he found the finger tip he called his father to ask for his advise as to what to do.

His solicitor argued that Dennis, who was in shock when he found the finger, had reported the incident as soon as he realised what had happened, the following day.

The defendant, of Newtown Park in Skerries, Co Dublin, had pleaded not guilty at Swords District Court to failing to report an occurrence at Quay Street in Balbriggan at 3.30am on December 16th, 2012.

The victim, hairdresser Shauna Weldon, said she has had to re-train since the accident as she lost the top of her finger and is still receiving physiotherapy on her hand.

Judge John Coughlan convicted and fined Dennis €100 stating that a driver is legally responsible for the actions of his passengers, including one who had closed the car door after Ms Weldon - who the defendant did not know - had opened it.

"The driver deliberately made the decision not to go back to the scene when he was informed by his passengers that a girl as on the ground. If he went back there would not have been a summons issued for court," the judge said.

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