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'Double whammy shock!' - Twink's delight at saving €1.2m home... and being part of new documentary

Repossession proceedings against Adele Condron-King and her estranged husband 'can be struck out' - court told

Twink at her home, Idrone House
Twink at her home, Idrone House
Twink poses in her bedroom in Idrone House in 2005 Photo: Tony Gavin
Ireland's answer to Mary Berry, Twink at home in Knocklyon putting the icing on one of her cakes. Photo: Tony Gavin
Idrone House in Knocklyon, Dublin. Photo: Gerry Mooney
The dogs at Idrone House
Adele King (Twink): Another fairytale bedroom in Knocklyon
Adele King (Twink): The entrance hallway in Knocklyon

Ray Managh and Conor Feehan

Twink expressed her delight yesterday after it was announced she could keep her €1.2m home after she paid off €18,000 in mortgage arrears.

The veteran panto star had been forced to put the Georgian property in Knocklyon on the market before Christmas after a court battle with Start Mortgages.

However, the Circuit Civil Court yesterday heard that Twink, whose real name is Adele King, had cleared €18,000 in arrears, a move that returned control of Idrone House to her.

Barrister Shaula Connaughton-Deeny told Judge Jacqueline Linnane that repossession proceedings against King and her estranged husband, David Agnew, could be struck out.

Idrone House in Knocklyon, Dublin. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Idrone House in Knocklyon, Dublin. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Ms Connaughton-Deeny said King had paid off all mortgage repayment arrears and her client, Start Mortgages, no longer required her to sell her home or for the bank to obtain a possession order against it.

In an extensive post online last night, Twink thanked people for their kind messages of support.

"I now truly know where my friends are.

"The end (for now) of an ENDLESS battle.

Twink at her home, Idrone House
Twink at her home, Idrone House

"I am in shock here tonight when I look at my poor phone trying to cope with the preposterous amount of txts.. calls.. emails.... funnies... etc...pouring in here since TV and radio lunchtime news [sic].

"I am SO very happy that you are all happy for me ....and my long battle with the house."

Adele King (Twink): Another fairytale bedroom in Knocklyon
Adele King (Twink): Another fairytale bedroom in Knocklyon

She also revealed she has been contacted to do a TV documentary on the court battle.

"Double whammy shock!!!," she wrote.

The dogs at Idrone House
The dogs at Idrone House

"I was literally JUST about to post this.

"When I got a call asking me if I would do a TV documentary on *MY RATHFARNHAM* and featuring in particular the colourful and long historic past of Idrone House. Just this minute. How extraordinarily wonderful. Time to go a light a penny church candle across the road me thinks!".

The court heard that Twink had paid off the debt, as joint defendant Agnew had not been engaging with the bank and had not been living in the property.

Judge Linnane had earlier heard that Agnew was aware of the proceedings but had to be served with the legal writ at his place of work, the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, on Rathmines Road, Dublin.

When the bank issued proceedings against the couple it was owed about €250,000 overall, including the €18,000 arrears, the hearing was told.

Twink’s clearance of the arrears means she continues to own her home and will return to making monthly repayments of €209.80 on the remaining mortgage.

The last known market value of Idrone House – which has its own priest hole – was €1.2m.

Twink gave a newspaper interview about the “proposed sale” of her house, but when the proceedings were last mentioned before Judge Linnane last month, Ms Connaughton-Deeny said there had been confusion as to whether or not the property had actually been publicly advertised for sale.

Twink’s solicitor, Mark Doyle, had told that hearing that according to a property agent there was a strong interest by potential buyers.

A property industry professional told the Herald yesterday that although the house never went on the open market, there had been potential buyers lined up who were “very interested” in it.

“It was ready to go and a list of potential viewers was lined up but it was never put on view. The house never went on the online property sites either,” the source said.

Judge Linnane struck out possession proceedings against Twink and Agnew.

No mention was made in court with regard to legal costs attached to the drawn-out proceedings and numerous court hearings.

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