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Dog attacker is fined another €250

A MAN who castrated his neighbour's dog after it tried to mate with his pedigree pooch has been fined a further €250.

Eddie Flood used a lambing ring to cut the testicles off the little cross terrier dog after it pestered his own dogs.

Mr Flood (44), of Carnasaul, Termon, Co Donegal, claimed the dog was allowed to roam freely and that he had been forced to remove it from his house more than 20 times.

He used a set of pliers to put a lambing ring on the dog's testicles, leaving it in excruciating pain.

Mr Flood initially denied doing anything to the dog, but on September 11, 2009, admitted the attack. Judge Paul Kelly described the incident as "appalling".

At a previous sitting of Letterkenny District Court, Mr Flood was fined €730 -- €500 for compensation for the dog's owner Frank McGettigan and a further €230 for vet fees. The court was told Mr Flood had paid all the fines and he was before the court to see what further action the authorities wanted to take.

Inspector David Murphy said there was a provision under the Animal Cruelty Act that he could be prevented from keeping dogs for a period of time.

Inspector Kevin McGinley, who carried out the investigation, said he was satisfied Mr Flood's own dogs were looked after well. Judge Kelly fined Mr Flood a further €250.

Irish Independent