Friday 17 January 2020

Doctor struck off for 'sexual' examination

Tim Healy

A doctor found to have carried out a "disgraceful" sexually motivated internal examination of a female patient has been struck off the medical register by order of the president of the High Court.

The woman went for a medical examination and "received anything but", Mr Justice Peter Kelly said.

Aged in her 20s, the woman said she asked Dr Stanislaw Franciszek Zulichowski (71) for an explanation for what he did.

He told her: "Well, I just kind of started liking it and got carried away." He added: "Well, you know I am just a man, not only a doctor."

The Medical Council, following a fitness to practise (FTP) inquiry that made several findings of professional misconduct against the doctor, applied to the High Court to strike him off its specialist register.

Mr Justice Kelly agreed this week to cancel the registration of Dr Zulichowski.

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