Thursday 22 February 2018

‘Doctor said not to worry before sex assault’, court hears

Ciaran Murphy

A DOCTOR is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman two weeks after he assessed her in hospital, a court heard.

The man (31) went on trial yesterday for the sexual assault of a woman (24) he had met again at a nightclub on August 6 last year.

The woman, who suffered from depression, had been assessed by the doctor two weeks earlier.

The doctor prescribed some medication for her and consulted with her about her problems, counselling options and so on. He referred the woman for further treatment at a clinic.

Two weeks later, the woman went out with friends. She drank a “naggin” of vodka with some Red Bull before going to a nightclub where she saw the doctor.

She said she recognised him. “I was feeling low during the week; I just wanted to talk to him.”

 The woman said he asked her if she wanted a drink and bought her a double vodka and Red Bull. He was drinking Coke, she said.

“The minute I turned around from the bar, he was looking at me; he was smiling. I kept talking about my problems.”

The woman said she told him she was going to attempt an overdose again and how she had cut herself. She told him that she was “going to jump in the river”.

“It was like a counselling session,” she said. “He said to keep taking the tablets – I was crying, I was hysterical.”

“He said to come to his car; I trusted him because he was a Doctor. I just wanted to talk to someone.”

The woman “dialled” her number into his phone and he took her hand as she crossed the road. The pair went to his car at nearby Miller’s Marsh and continued talking.

However, the woman said that the doctor kissed her on the neck and he had “kissed her where I had cut myself”.

He told her “not to worry” because she was “a beautiful girl”. She said he touched her breast and twice asked her to get into the back seat. “He just kept touching me.”

The man could not find the keys to the car at first but then did so and drove her home. She got out at another address and hid behind a bush until he left, and then ran home.

Elaine Morgan, defending, put it to the girl that she was “the instigator” and that it was “extraordinary” to believe the man bought her a drink and then told her to “stay off the drink” while talking in the car.

Ms Morgan said that her client “will say he was flattered” by the attention.

“I was never leading him on,” said the woman. “I was talking about deep, personal issues.”

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