Wednesday 21 February 2018

DNA found on gloves with firearm residue on them match man (44) accused of shooting - court hears

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Eoin Reynolds

DNA found on a pair of gloves that had firearms residue on them matches that of a man accused of a fatal shooting, the Central Criminal Court heard today.

James 'Jimmy' Lammon (44), of Cardington Way, Athy, Co Kildare has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 22-year-old Jason Doogue in the Green Hills area of Athy on August 21, 2015.

Kristen O'Connor, a scientist with Forensic Science Ireland, told prosecuting counsel Kerida Naidoo SC that she found Mr Lammon's DNA on a pair of latex gloves.

The trial has previously heard that the latex gloves were found by gardai searching the fields around Mr Lammon's home following the shooting. Yesterday Dr Thomas Hannigan of Forensic Science Ireland told Mr Naidoo that he found traces of firearms residue on the same latex gloves.

Ms O'Connor said the chances of the DNA matching another person chosen randomly would be one in 1,000 million.

Ms O'Connor also found Mr Lammon's DNA on two cloths that have previously been shown to have firearms residue on them. The cloths were found in a house in Carbury Park that belonged to Paul Day - the partner of Mr Lammon's sister, Rebecca Lammon. Mr Day has told the trial that on the afternoon of the shooting Rebecca Lammon handed him a bucket, a bottle of WD40 and a black toolbox which he put in his own home. Gardai found the cloths in the black toolbox. Dr Hannigan said the cloths also tested positive for firearms residue.

The prosecution closed its evidence today before defence counsel Mary Rose Gearty SC called Mr Lammon's brother, Johnny Lammon.

Johnny Lammon told her that he lives with his brother at Cardington Way in Athy and that they own a number of dogs. He said the day before Jason Doogue was shot he and his brother went to a man to have one of the dogs put down. He said James was present when the dog was shot and he was wearing a pair of green latex gloves and a black top.

Mr Lammon also spoke about Shaw's Wood, a woodland area about 750 metres from Cardington Way where gardai found the gun that was used to kill Mr Doogue. Mr Lammon said a lot of people would go in and out of the wood, including hunters and dog walkers.

Speaking to Mr Naidoo, he said he had not previously mentioned the shooting of the dog to gardai because they didn't ask him. He also said that he hadn't discussed the trial with his brother.

Ms Gearty then called a neighbour of the Lammons, Anthony Keogh, who said that he saw Jimmy Lammon in his own yard on the evening of the shooting. The prosecution says Mr Doogue was shot shortly after 5pm.

Justice Paul Butler told the jury that the evidence in the case has now ended and that the prosecution and defence counsels will give their summaries of the trial tomorrow.

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