Monday 19 August 2019

Defence claimed profile photo said 'want to meet for sex?'

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Eimear Cotter

Eimear Cotter

After Patrick Nevin was found guilty of sexually assaulting a student at UCD last November, he turned to his lawyers and said: "I don't accept that verdict."

Indeed, Nevin seems to think that he's done nothing wrong.

We know this, because that's what he said to gardaí when he was questioned about the UCD attack.

He was also ready to deny a rape charge this week, and only admitted to it and a second sexual assault charge when a judge ruled the jury could hear evidence of similar behaviour.

In this case, Nevin's use of Tinder was to approach three women, then drive them to a secluded location to attack them.

Last November, the jury only took 90 minutes to find Nevin guilty of sexual assault.

During the trial, the defence team claimed Nevin had made it very clear what he wanted.

The defendant tried to paint the sexual assault to gardaí as nothing more than a hysterical woman over-reacting when he innocently tried to kiss her.

The suggestion was that she should have known he'd try it on with her.

After all, he is posing shirtless in his Tinder profile picture.

"He's basically saying 'look at me, want to meet up for sex?'," defence lawyer Paul Flannery SC told the jury.

Any suggestion that being on Tinder or any other dating app is de facto "consent" for sexual relations is wrong and deeply worrying.

Nevin told gardaí he believed they were "hooking up" even though she never told him she wanted to meet up for sex.

His interviews with gardaí are interesting - not least because we are afforded a fascinating view of his mindset.

Nevin thought his advances would have been welcome. He said he believed they were probably meeting for sex because he had told her on Tinder that he was a porn star.

Seriously, that's what he believed. He told gardaí so.

Nevin told gardaí this was obviously banter, but she seemed quite interested in his job. He also told her he would like her to star in a film with him, and he claimed she told him "that interests me very much".

He said he drove to a secluded area in UCD and leaned over to kiss her. She told him it was too soon and she did not know him.

"I did try and kiss her and when she asked me to stop and pushed me off, I stopped immediately," he claimed to gardaí.

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