Friday 25 May 2018

David Drumm offers to wear tag if he returns home

Former Anglos chief: I'll come home if DPP won't oppose bail

STANDING TOGETHER: David Drumm and his wife Lorraine heading into court in the US. Photo: Chitose Suzuki
STANDING TOGETHER: David Drumm and his wife Lorraine heading into court in the US. Photo: Chitose Suzuki
Ronald Quinlan

Ronald Quinlan

David Drumm's lawyers have written to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), confirming that he will return home immediately to stand trial - if the State agrees not to oppose his application for bail while he awaits the court.

The former Anglo chief executive has informed the DPP that he is prepared to adhere to a number of strict conditions governing his release in the period leading up to his trial. These include commitments to sign on at his local garda station twice a day and be electronically tagged, the Sunday Independent can reveal.

The proposals are contained in a letter that was sent by Mr Drumm's solicitor Michael Staines to the DPP last Tuesday.

Mr Staines, one of Ireland's leading criminal defence lawyers, said Mr Drumm was willing to come back to Dublin voluntarily and without delay in order to defend himself against the 33 charges arising from his time at the helm of Anglo Irish Bank.

He is understood to have outlined a range of conditions that Mr Drumm is prepared to meet in the event that a judge here decides to grant his application for bail.

A source with knowledge of the matter told the Sunday Independent that an offer had been made to lodge what they described as a "substantial" sum of money with the court.

Along with this, two parties are understood to have offered to lodge the title deeds to their family homes, both of which are mortgage-free, to the court by way of security.

The title deeds to a third house - the family home of a member of Mr Drumm's family - would also be given in the event of his being released on bail. While there is understood to be a mortgage on the third property, the source said there was "significant equity", which the courts would have by way of surety.

Mr Drumm's lawyers are also understood to have informed the DPP that he is prepared to provide his address to the court and to sign on at his local garda station twice a day if necessary.

The former CEO has volunteered to be electronically tagged, so that his movements and location can be monitored by the authorities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A source stressed to the Sunday Independent that the matter of Mr Drumm being released on bail would be an issue for the courts to decide.

"All David is looking for is a commitment from the DPP that they wouldn't raise an objection in the event that an Irish judge decided that he should be allowed out on bail for the period leading up to his trial. He is prepared to come back and face the charges that are being levelled against him," the source said.

Since being arrested on foot of an extradition warrant on October 10 last, Mr Drumm has been detained in four separate correctional facilities in two US states. The movements between and within the Donald W Wyatt Detention Centre in Rhode Island and the Plymouth County Correctional Facility near Boston took place following reported threats to the banker's safety.

Mr Drumm's US attorneys sought unsuccessfully on two occasions to secure his release on bail to allow him to prepare his defence against extradition and to support his family.

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