Sunday 22 April 2018

David Drumm instructs his lawyers to waive all his rights to extradition

David Drumm. Photo: AP
David Drumm. Photo: AP
Ralph Riegel

Ralph Riegel

Former Anglo Irish Bank boss David Drumm has accused the Government of "constructing" a situation whereby he faced extradition and was wrongly portrayed as a fugitive.

The banker also claimed that the Government and others, including the Irish media, deliberately attempted to paint him as the person most responsible for the financial crisis of 2008/2009.

The claim came as Mr Drumm confirmed he hoped to be back in Ireland from the US within 72 hours as he had instructed his lawyers to waive all his rights to challenge extradition.

A Boston judge will today be informed by Mr Drumm's lawyers that the banker wants to immediately return to Ireland so he can end "this nightmare" and "have these issues dealt with in Ireland".

If the Boston judge approves Mr Drumm's application, he could be on a plane back to Dublin by tomorrow.

"I have given clear instructions that all rights to challenge the extradition in the US should be waived and no other options available to me should be pursued in order to facilitate an immediate return to Ireland," he said. Mr Drumm confirmed his position in an interview from a Boston prison with 'The Sunday Business Post.'

"I am hopeful that I can apply to the court on Monday to achieve this.

"I cannot indicate my determination to have these issues dealt with in Ireland any stronger than waiving all my rights to resist extradition."

Mr Drumm also hit out at how he has been treated by the Irish Government and others.

"I am not a fugitive - I never was a fugitive," he said.

"I am still regarded as having fled (Ireland). It makes no sense and I believe the Irish Government constructed it.

"They deliberately created a situation where I was a confirmed fugitive with no basis whatsoever for that conclusion, simply because they needed it to extradite me."


He acknowledged that his time in custody in the US since October has been "awful".

"It was very unpleasant and unexpected," he said, claiming the US authorities were put under "extraordinary pressure" to have him arrested and remanded in custody.

"It was deeply upsetting for all of us to consider that the Irish Government was behind all of this," he said.

"My detention has had a deep and lasting effect on my family and their sense of security.

"But despite the awful circumstances, my family have remained staunchly by my side and they support me with incredible dedication.

"This is far worse for them than it is for me."

He described the past few months as "a nightmare."

Mr Drumm insisted he would have returned to Ireland had the Government simply requested him to do so.

He also maintained that he learned at the height of the 2008/2009 financial crisis in Ireland that the Government "were not to be trusted".

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