Sunday 18 February 2018

Dana's tears as her brother is cleared of sex charges

Dana Rosemary Scallon and John Brown
Dana Rosemary Scallon and John Brown

Edel Kennedy

THE brother of Eurovision Song Contest winner and former Presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon has been found not guilty of five counts of historic sex abuse.

Dana wept as the not guilty verdicts were read out on the final three counts of indecent assault after the jury in a north London court earlier cleared John Brown of the first two allegations.

The 60-year-old wiped tears from his face yesterday as he sat in the dock before being reminded by Judge Graham Arran he was free to go.

He had been accused of groping two girls under the age of 16 at various times and locations in the 1970s.

Dana herself was accused in court of covering up the abuse for more than three decades, something she strenuously denied.

But Mr Brown was cleared of all charges yesterday afternoon and he embraced his former popstar sister during emotional scenes at Harrow Crown Court.

Brown's wife Patricia, along with Dana's husband Damien and other family members all attended court to hear the verdicts yesterday afternoon.

Speaking after the verdicts, Mr Brown said: "I'm just delighted.

"It has been a nightmare for my family for the past three years. I can pick up and move on now.


"I came in innocent, and I always was innocent. The jury has found my sister (Dana) did not lie. I can leave here without a stain on my character.

"It has been a horrendous time but I've been supported by my family, my wife, my children, who have all suffered. We went through a dark period and I had further support from Dana and friends and family with prayers."

Mr Brown said his sister Dana had also been on trial.

The former MEP appeared as a witness in the trial earlier this week when she dismissed the allegations as "lies".

He said: "She's been accused of covering up, lying. The prosecutor said she and I lied and covered up but the jury has found that was not the case.

"We told the truth – we didn't have anything to cover up."

In evidence during the trial he had said he was "dumbstruck and astonished" when the claims were first put to him in May 2008 during a civil action in the US.

Mr Brown told the jury he had gone through "years of hell" since he was first made aware of allegations that he abused two young girls.

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