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Dad escapes jail after posting 'letter full of excrement' into garda station


No one was ever charged and detectives suspect the killing was 'contracted out' to a Dublin hitman.

No one was ever charged and detectives suspect the killing was 'contracted out' to a Dublin hitman.

No one was ever charged and detectives suspect the killing was 'contracted out' to a Dublin hitman.

A FATHER of three put a ‘letter’ full of excrement into the post tray at a garda station, a court heard.

Dean Paget (25) was upset at the break-up of a 10-year relationship and was under the influence of sleeping tablets at the time of the incident.

Judge Ann Watkin put him on probation for a year at Dublin District Court for his “crazy behaviour” on the night.

Paget, of Corduff Place, Blanchardstown, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage by inserting faeces into the post tray at Kilmainham garda station last November 21.

Gda Ricarda O'Hare said that at the time of the offence Paget had been detained on another matter and was looking for his property, which she had in her possession after seizing it.

She returned it to him and there were “no issues with me holding back anything that he had”.

About 10 minutes later Paget was still hanging around the public office area. He came back in with paper in his hands and put it under the glass at the hatch, where letters were posted.

“It was discovered after he left that it contained excrement,” the garda said.


The public office had to be closed and cleaned, at a cost of €82. When the accused was questioned about the incident, he told gardai it was because “he needed to go to the toilet and they wouldn't let him go”.

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However, the incident had been half-an-hour later. The defendant had since written a letter of apology to the gardai.

The court heard the defendant had previous convictions for offences including criminal damage and theft.

“It's not the worst case of criminal damage in some ways, but this was a particularly vile act that not everybody would be capable of,” Judge Watkin said.

“Why would he do something like this at all, angry or not? It shows a lack of respect for himself and other people. It was crazy behaviour on the night.”

Paget addressed the judge, saying he had been three to four hours in the station in a cell with no toilet. He said gardai refused to let him go.

Paget had been “heavily involved with sleeping tablets” after splitting from his partner, his lawyer said. He took the end of the relationship badly and had ended up sleeping on friends' couches.

The judge put him on a probation bond for a year on condition that he pays €100 in compensation for the damage within six months.

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