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Criminal's brother 'felt guilty' before his death

A BROTHER of convicted criminal Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch felt guilty about something that happened years ago in the days before he took his own life.

Derek Hutch (44) died as a result of suicide, a coroner's court jury decided yesterday after hearing details of how he was found bleeding with knife cuts to his arms and ankle.

At the time of his death in February last year, he was being treated at St Vincent's Hospital in Fairview, Dublin, as he had thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Guy Molyneux said Mr Hutch was been admitted to the hospital on February 16. Mr Hutch told him he felt guilty about an incident which happened a number of years before.

Mr Hutch, of Upper Buckingham Street, Dublin 1, was released to his wife Noeleen Coakley-Hutch five days later for a temporary home visit.

The pair went back to her home at Liberty House on February 21, 2009.

Ms Coakley-Hutch went out at lunchtime and returned to find her injured husband lying semi-conscious in the hallway and blood in the sitting room.

"The door was locked and when I opened the door with the key I saw the blood in the sitting room. And I said, 'what did you do?'" Ms Coakley-Hutch told the inquest.

Dr Molyneux said Mr Hutch, who had had previous admissions, wanted to go home for the weekend and that he categorically denied any thoughts of self-harm and seemed anxious to move forward.

When Ms Coakley-Hutch expressed concern about Mr Hutch being home for a whole weekend an agreement was reached whereby he would leave at 10am and return at 5pm.

"He was making plans for the future. These plans complied with religious beliefs; I felt he wasn't at immediate risk of self-harm," Dr Molyneux said.

He said leave from treatment was part of the recovery process.

Mr Hutch was rushed to the Mater Hospital and was unconscious on arrival. He had three lacerations to his left and right arms and one to his right ankle and was bleeding profusely from the left arm from cuts by a breadknife.

He was resuscitated in the A&E department and brought up to theatre where his lacerations were sutured.

He died in the early hours of February 23 from multi-organ failure due to haemorrhaging.

The gardai were satisfied the wounds were self-inflicted, the court heard.

A jury of four women and two men returned a verdict of death by suicide under the direction of coroner Dr Brian Farrell.

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