Tuesday 15 October 2019

Court orders man to go to nursing home

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Tim Healy

An elderly man living in "squalid and dangerous" conditions is to go to a nursing home nearby under interim High Court orders.

The roof of his house is damaged, windows boarded up, it lacks electricity and toilet facilities and is pigeon infested, the court heard.

The man will not be confined to the nursing home, his freedom will not be inhibited and the intention is only to ensure he has somewhere where he can eat, wash and sleep at night in clean and warm conditions without pigeons as "his nearest neighbours", the president of the High Court, Mr Justice Peter Kelly, said.

The orders apply pending an inquiry as to whether the man, aged in his seventies, should be made a ward of court.

He objects to wardship but his court-appointed guardian said he appears willing, at present, to consider residing in the nursing home as long as he is not confined to it.

He is anxious to continue to be free to attend church and visit various public facilities, including the library, she said. He avails of public facilities to wash, the court heard.

A consultant psychiatrist who assessed the man at the court's request has expressed the view he lacks the necessary capacity to make decisions about his personal welfare and finances.

The wardship inquiry was adjourned for two weeks to enable reports be provided and allow the man attend court, if he wishes.

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