Thursday 21 November 2019

Couple says surrogate child 'stuck in Ukraine'

Tim Healy

A COUPLE yesterday claimed that diplomatic delays could leave a daughter born to them by a surrogate mother stranded in an orphanage in Ukraine where she was born.

The husband and wife are taking a High Court case in a bid to force authorities here to issue an Irish passport for the child so that she can be brought home.

The couple cannot be named by order of the court.

The court heard that the child, born earlier this year, can only stay in the Ukraine for 90 days as she is not entitled to citizenship, but is unable to leave without travel documentation. After that, she could be placed in an orphanage.

The surrogacy arrangement was facilitated by a clinic in the Ukraine, the court heard.

Counsel for the couple told the court that results of a DNA test showed the man is "99.9pc" likely to be the child's biological father. Both he and his wife are registered on the child's birth certificate as her parents.

The proceedings are being brought against the Minister for Foreign Affairs for an order compelling him to furnish the child with an Irish passport or an emergency travel certificate.

The case will come back before the High Court later this month.

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