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Coroner in warning on combination of medicines





A Coroner issued a warning over combining two commonly prescribed drugs after an inquest heard of a rare but toxic side-effect.

Cork Coroner Dr Myra Cullinane spoke at the inquest of Kenneth Norman Beazley (80), who died last January.

Mr Beazley, a father of four from Cobh, was prescribed a statin-type drug to lower his cholesterol and an antibiotic called fusidic acid for a knee infection.

Studies have shown that, in rare cases, the medications can react together to trigger a toxic side-effect on the kidneys.

Dr Cullinane pointed out that this was the second case she had dealt with involving two drugs, an antibiotic and cholesterol-control treatment.

However, two doctors who treated Mr Beazley were unaware of the potential side-effect.

Dr Cullinane returned a verdict of medical misadventure and she will be writing to medicines bodies to try to raise awareness.

Irish Independent