Tuesday 20 August 2019

Conor Feehan: Heavy emotion in Ana Kriegel trial courtroom as guilty verdicts returned

Ana Kriegel (Family Handout/PA)
Ana Kriegel (Family Handout/PA)
Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

Boy A’s family were first back into the court when it was heard a verdict had been reached.

Sitting at the back of the court with his mother to his left and his father to his right, his mother took a tissue from a packet and pushed it delicately into her son’s shirt pocket.

As they came back into the court Boy B sat between his parents. His mother sat to his right, and his father to his left.

Boy B linked his mother’s arm. Holding her left hand with his right and rubbing her left arm with his left hand.

Ana Kriegel (Photo: RTE)
Ana Kriegel (Photo: RTE)

At 2.11pm the jury filed back into the courtroom and Boy B reached his left hand over to his father and held his hand, continuing to hold his mother with his right hand.

Boy A held both his parents hands as they awaited the verdict.

His mother cried freely with a tissue to her face as the guilty verdicts for her son was announced.

Boy A leaned his head on his mother's shoulder and he held both his parents' hands following the guilty verdicts.

Ana Kriegel (Photo: RTE)
Ana Kriegel (Photo: RTE)

They all then embraced each other before Boy A left with his father, mother and legal team.

When the verdict of murder was read out for Boy B, seconds after that of Boy A, he momentarily let go of his parents and brought his hands up to his mouth.

There was a look of disbelief on his face. His father looked into the middle distance and said quietly ‘guilty’ as if to ask the question was it true.

The Kriegel family sat quietly and composed. Geraldine, who had her eyes closed prior to the verdict, cried quietly, as did Patric.

Then Boy B’s father held his son’s hand to his mouth and kissed it.

Moments later he grew angry and started muttering and abruptly left the court for five minutes, coming back then and holding his son’s hands.

When the judge had finished he began to verbally abuse the gardai.

“You bunch of scumbags, you f***ing pricks. Innocent boy,” he was heard to say.

Boy B hugged his mother in a long embrace as Boy A was led to a consultation room holding his father’s hand.

As Boy B was led to the holding cell his father clapped loudly four times slowly.

The Kriegels looked up at the jury as they filled out, nodding in acknowledgment to them.

Some of the jury offered quiet silent smiles of warm comfort.

Then the Kriegels huddled with their friends, crying with dignity and relief.

They hugged the gardai and some members of the media as they left the court.

They were then led to an upstairs room by victim support services.

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