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Comedian's ex-girlfriend 'a fantasist', court hears

The ex-girlfriend of comedian and TV presenter Justin Lee Collins has been accused of being a fantasist.

Anna Larke claims the 38-year-old, who came to fame with 'The Friday Night Project', harassed and assaulted her during their nine-month relationship.

But Sonia Woodley, defending Mr Collins, accused the recovering alcoholic of being a fantasist.

The court heard yesterday how after Ms Larke left the comedian, she bombarded him with texts declaring her love.

When she was asked why she did not show bruises she claims were inflicted by Mr Collins to her doctor, she said she did not want to get her then boyfriend into trouble.


"He was the love of my life," Ms Larke, also aged 38, told the court.

Ms Larke admitted that Collins, of Kew, southwest London, had given her the password for his email account during their relationship.

"You were suspicious he might be seeing other people? Were you getting a bit jealous about that?" Ms Woodley asked her.

"A bit. There was a slight issue there," Ms Larke, a video games public relations worker, replied.

The court has heard Mr Collins allegedly made Ms Larke close her email, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Finishing her cross-examination, Ms Woodley accused Ms Larke of being a fantasist.

"I would suggest to you that you are a fantasist," she told Ms Larke.

Ms Larke said: "I would suggest I am absolutely not."

Mr Collins denies harassing his ex-partner.

The case was adjourned at St Albans Crown Court in Hertfordshire.

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