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Clare Daly pleads not guilty in alleged driving incident


Clare Daly

Clare Daly

Clare Daly

INDEPENDENT socialist TD Clare Daly has appeared in court to plead not guilty to an offence of driving without reasonable consideration.

Ms Daly (45) had received a summons in connection with an alleged road traffic incident at the Dublin Port Tunnel on March 20 last year.

She intends to contest a charge for driving her car "without reasonable consideration for other persons". This charge, on conviction, results in a fine and carries no risk of a road ban or a jail term.

The incident is alleged to have occurred less than two months after the Dublin TD was cleared of suspected drink-driving.

She had formally lodged a complaint with the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission about her arrest being leaked to the media.

At Dublin District Court yesterday, her solicitor Gareth Noble told Judge Sinead Ni Chulachain that he had hoped to speak to the prosecuting garda, who is based in a city-centre station, "about this prosecution and the manner in which it was brought".

However, the judge heard that the officer was not available to come to court yesterday because he had been injured and is currently off work.

The judge agreed to a defence request to make an order for the prosecuting garda to provide disclosure of evidence in relation to the alleged incident.

No evidence has been heard yet in relation to the alleged incident itself.

But Ms Daly spoke briefly during the proceedings to confirm that she was pleading not guilty and said "okay" after she was ordered by the judge to appear again on a date in June when the hearing is to take place.

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