Monday 21 January 2019

Cases heard under garda surveillance after 'hand grenade' threat made against judge on Facebook

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Ray Managh

A judge heard all her cases under garda surveillance Thursday after what was taken as a threat against her was posted on Facebook.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane was put on notice of the threat just before she was due to sit in the Circuit Civil Court at 10am.

The post, in which Thursday was described as “hand grenade day,” was taken seriously by members of the Courts Service who called for a garda presence in Court 22 before Judge Linnane went on the bench.

The post appeared on The Hub – Ireland Facebook site in the early hours of Thursday morning and stated:-

“Tomorrow is hand grenade day: I am so fed up with the Dublin Circuit Court judge, one Ms Linnane, disrespecting The Hub Ireland, any Litigants in person what adhere themselves to us.

“Ms Linnane will be put on notice tomorrow by hand, my hand.  Hopefully she takes un-bridge (sic) at my letter and sues me: I want the public arena, so hopefully her psychopathic nature kicks in: once the letter is delivered I will post it on The Hub Ireland.”

Judge Linnane postponed her sitting until 10:21, a minute after a garda took up duty among members of the public in the court.

“It is a most serious threat to a member of the judiciary and we cannot take any chances,” a spokesperson for the Courts Service said.  “The judge did not sit until there was a garda presence in court.”

It is expected that a garda presence in Judge Linnane’s court will be arranged for the sitting on Friday.

Notice of the on-line threat was not mentioned during the court hearings and the garda presence remained until the court adjourned for lunch.

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