Sunday 25 February 2018

Captive woman forced to call her rapist 'daddy', court told

Conor Gallagher

THE trial of a man accused of raping a woman after abducting her and her four-year-old son has seen CCTV footage allegedly showing him luring the pair into an apartment building.

The 53-year-old accused is alleged to have convinced the mother to come into his apartment by telling her an elderly woman had fallen and needed help.

The prosecution alleges that once inside he subjected the woman to "a terrifying ordeal of sexual depravity" until she was freed by gardai 12 hours later.

Yesterday, the woman told the court the accused made her pretend to be a 10-year-old girl and call him "daddy".

She also described holding a piece of broken glass to her throat and threatening to kill herself unless he let them go.

She said she was forced to perform sexual acts on the accused after he had put his hand on her son's throat and threatened to kill him.

The jury heard previously that the child was later found wandering around Dublin city centre on his own.

The accused denies two counts of sexual assault, two counts of rape , attempted rape, oral rape and aggravated sexual assault between February 12 and 13, 2010, in Dublin.

He also denies child abduction, threats to kill or cause serious harm, false imprisonment, stealing a bank card and stealing cash from two ATMs.

The court was shown CCTV footage of a man standing in front of a building before disappearing from view and returning with two other people.

The alleged victim identified the man in the CCTV as her abductor and said that the two people following him were herself and her son.

"Even now I'm thinking, why would I agree to go with him," she told the court.

She added that once inside the accused took her phone and demanded she have sex with him. She said he then took her son to another room while she broke a glass bottle against the window to try and raise the alarm.

She said that when he returned she held a piece of the bottle to her throat and threatened to kill herself unless he let them go.

This appeared to frighten him and he asked her to put down the glass.

She said by this stage her throat was bleeding.

She said he then started to beat her and threatened to kill her son.

"I had no way out so I had to do what he said," she told the jury before detailing a series of sexual acts the accused performed on her.

She said he became very angry when he was unable to have full sexual intercourse with her.

She said he later gave her a pill to "relax" her and that she felt very drowsy afterwards. He put her in the bathtub and left the house but she managed to keep herself awake by biting her lip.

She said that once she heard the accused leave she searched the apartment in vain for the boy.

She then got a stack of plates from the kitchen and threw them out the window to catch people's attention. She also got a kitchen knife in case the man returned.

"At that time, really, I was thinking I want to kill him," she told the jury.

She said that someone heard the noise from the flat and called the gardai who rescued her and brought her to hospital.

She was then told by a garda that her son had been found and was unharmed.

The trial continues tomorrow before Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy and a jury of nine men and three women.

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